Thursday, October 17, 2013

Geek Girls Gab with Part Time Nerd

I'm a 23 year old "part time nerd". I gave myself this title (and the title of my blog) because I'm a bit of a newbie to the real depths of nerdom, so I thought it was a better way of going at it. I had never been to a con until this year (Gallifrey One), haven't really cosplay-ed (besides Halloween), and I've never had the chance to do any table top games or figure out how Magic cards work. When I'm not a traditional geek, I'm nerding out over college basketball. I recently started writing for about America East, the conference my alma mater is in. So October through March is crazy busy. I also kinda play in the pep band, so I play music, take photos, do social media and write blogs. *.*
The Nerdy Girlie:  What is your 1st nerd memory?
Steph:  I don't have anything specific, but I can tell you that as a child I absolutely loved the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. I even had a sticker book and a Megazord! I also had a Sega (before my parents put in the attic for storage and it melted *sadface*) and played Sonic a bit when my parents would hook it up to the TV.
TNG:  How and why did you start blogging?
Steph:  I've tried blogging since high school when Xanga was really popular, but I had no idea what I was doing. I tried keeping some other blogs, the ones that stand out are ones about EDNOS and drinking. When I started Part Time Nerd I was determined to keep this one running since it seemed like something I could keep up. I wanted a way to channel my nerd-ness and write. I'll be at 2 years in December, so I'm pretty excited about that.

TGN:  YOUR favorite blog?
Steph:  I keep track of vlogs more than blogs, but of course, The Nerdy Girlie, 3 Chic Geeks, Pure Geekery, and a fellow Stewart Copeland fan, Sockii runs quite a few things, so I try and keep up with those.
TNG:  What is your favorite thing/things to nerd out about?
Steph:  Stewart Copeland (drummer)/The Police and Doctor Who. I can go on and on about Stewart for ages. He's my favorite drummer of all time, and he doesn't just drum! He's done some interesting things in his life. Check him out. And side note: Andy Summers wrote a Police song about the Robert Heinlein novel Stranger in a Strange Land called "Friends" so there's some sci-fi love there. And of course Doctor Who. I had a bad summer a few years ago with a kidney infection on one side and a kidney stone on the other, so I spent a whole week just watching all the available Doctor Who episodes in the newer series, and once I get into something I really like, I'm hooked and have to research almost everything about it.
TNG:  Any tips for San Diego Comic Con?
Steph:  Take me with you! I'm tiny and can fit into things. I've never been so I have no idea. Attach GPS chips to you and your friends? I hear it gets pretty crowded.

TNG:  Girlie things you love?
Steph:  Bras! I'm a huge fan of r/ABraThatFits and I don't think you can get girlier than bras. haha!

Thank you Steph for answering our questions, I always love finding awesome new nerd blogs!  Her SDCC tips was HIGH-larious!  Trademark that idea girl!  Check out her blog: Part Time Nerd and follow her on Twitter:  @Drummerette.


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