Sunday, October 13, 2013

Cosplay Crush: Gackto

I'm a fun person that doesn't like long walks on the beach. I rather be at convention walking the entire day cosplaying or taking pictures of cosplayers. My life is usually pretty busy and I haven't had a bored moment in years. There's always the next cosplay or the next YouTube video to make among other side projects I am usually doing. I'm also a huge foodie and I like to eat almost anything. I have been to Japan five times and will be going to Korea soon too. I guess if I had to sum up my life, it would include studying, work, eating, traveling, kpop, cosplay and YouTube videos. Oh... and hanging out with friends. Hanging out with cosplayers from different parts of the country and traveling around is really cool. That pretty much takes up all my time. 
The Nerdy Girlie:  How did you get into cosplay?
Gackto:  I didn't really get into cosplay until a few years ago although I have been going to conventions for a long time. At first, I bought my cosplays. Then I made my cosplays. Now, I do both just because life has gotten really busy from making YouTube videos to traveling to conventions everywhere. The real reason I even started cosplaying was because all of my friends were doing it! I know, peer pressure. One of my earlier cosplays was L. It was really popular back then and I met a lot of people because of it. I love the experience and meeting people through cosplay so much that it's very much part of my life now. I am not sure what I would do if cosplay wasn't part of my life anymore.
TNG:  Do you make or buy your costumes?
Gackto:  Both. It depends on what part of the year and what other projects I'm working on. I try to make whatever I can because sometimes, you just can't buy the props or the outfits. It's way to complicated for anyone to make and sell. So then I have to make it. And it's pretty fun making things too. Some people like to categorize cosplayers and break down who buys and who makes, but I don't have time to make sure I fall into a specific category. Cosplayers are cosplayers in my mind.
TNG:  Any tips for people just staring out in cosplay?
Gackto:  Just cosplay whoever you want. I would suggest just buying a cosplay, actually. Then wear it and see how you like cosplaying. That way, it's a stress free experience! If someone is making their first cosplay, I think the best tip is learn and ask other cosplayers for answers if needed. When it comes to working with materials, it is always better to get some ideas about from others about their experiences. It will save time and money. Oh yeah, cosplaying with friends is also very fun!
TNG:  How do you feel about people approaching you for pictures.  Is there a certain protocol/cosplay code?
Gackto:  There's no certain protocols for me. As long as they ask for a picture, I'll let them take it. They can even request a certain pose as long as I don't look ridiculous or offensive.
TNG:  Any suggestions on where to shop for costume pieces if you are not a sewer?
Gackto:  Ebay. And Taobao. However, I think it's more convenient and more buyer protection on Ebay. And the plus side is Ebay is in English. Of course, there are plenty of cosplayers that also do commissions too! So technically, someone could get a commission, make another part of the cosplay and then buy some accessories off of Ebay. I know a lot of cosplayers do that. Some cosplayers are good are sewing. Some cosplayers are good at making props. So whatever they don't do well, they usually have it commissioned.
TNG:  Do you think about posing a head of time?
Gackto:  Of course! You need to know what angles and poses give you the best pictures. In addition, some characters have unique poses. It's good to also learn not to obstruct your face with your props or do anything that can make the picture look kind of weird.
*I had the pleasure of meeting Gackto at Vid Con this past year and he is the nicest guy!  I find it so much fun to meet new people at cons!  Check out his FB page, follow him on Twitter: @Gackstream and don't forget to keep and eye out for him at conventions!  Thank you Gackto!!*


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