Monday, August 5, 2013

Nerd Crafts: Sherlock Wallpaper Headband

I wanted a little something more for my SherlockeDCC party outfit during this year's SDCC and a Twitter friend {@truelondoner123} of mine posted this DIY and said it was super simple!  So with her encouragement I made my own attempt at the project, with a lil twist!
*Smiley face stickers

Step one:  Print out the wallpaper image.
Step two:  Give the image a minute or so to dry as it uses a lot of ink.  Once done cute out a long strip that will cover the headband.
Step three:  Wrap your strip around the headband and secure with tape on the underside of the headband.

Step four:  Add your smiley face sticker where you like!
This project was incredibly simple and cheap.  The headband pack I purchased at Target and got three of them.  The smiley face stickers were also a Target purchase.  Everything else I already had at home.  This was defiantly a spur of the moment project the day before our SherlockeDCC party.  I was so happy with it and got many compliments on it!  

I always love seeing your take on our Nerd Crafts, so please send pictures and of course leave comments below!


@Jengirl1182 said...

Nice job. It's very cute. I have a suggestion that may work want something that is more durable then the paper you can buy printable fabric sheets that are cotton pieces of fabric that run right through your home printer. They are made by several companies and have a variety of price points.


Jen awesome suggestion! I have never heard of these and since this was a last minute project, I will have to do this once the paper begins to wear out! Thank you!! xo

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