Sunday, August 4, 2013

Ask The Nerdy Girlie: What are your SDCC traditions?

I have enjoyed vlogging my last two videos so much, that I have deiced to try to vlog on a weekly basis.  That is where YOU guys come in.  I loved helping everyone out with Comic Con so much this year and would love to continue to do so.  In my weekly vlogs, I want to answer YOUR questions about Comic Con!  I would even enjoy answering any questions you have about the blog and it's contributors, The Music Maven and The Gamer Geek.  Maybe in the future we an get them in on the action as well!

So with out further delay, here is my very FIRST Ask The Nerdy Girlie vlog:

Lovely screen shot don't you think!  LOL  Any-WHO I hope you enjoyed the video!  Please leave any and all comments below!  I look forward to answering more of your questions AND continuing the conversation below, on Twitter or Facebook!!

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Unknown said...

I hope to see this video at home... work blocks it. :(

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