Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Nerdy Girlie at VidCon 2013

For all of you who don't know {that was me 24 hours ago!}, VidCon is for people who LOVE online videos.  It began four years ago and has been growing ever since.  Beginning with 1,400 attendees it now has over 12,000!  It is held at the Anaheim Convention Center, taking over expo hall, outdoor amphitheater and arena.  
Thanks to the amazing Cristina at Intel {who also sponsored our SherlockeDCC party} I was able to get a pass to the sold out VidCon!
So of course they were my first stop on the expo floor.  Cristina showed me around their huge space to hang out and play with their tablets.
They even had a photo booth, where your picture was uploaded to the tablet, you were able to add different boarders and then email the picture to yourself!  I even entered for a chance to win my very own tablet.  They were really awesome and so small with an eight inch screen!
OMG I totally WANT a microphone now!!
My favorite part of the convention floor was the MASSIVE inflated shark with REAL working metal jaws.  Every hour the shark would rip through different items, bikes, chairs and even a jet ski!!  Bring on Shark Week!
After the massive show floor that is San Diego Comic Con, the VidCon floor is a cake walk!  Plenty of walking space and you can actually see everything easily!  Every booth was giving away awesome swag.  Tons of tee shirts, capes, bags and even sunglasses!
I was so happy to meet up with a couple of my Twitter friends.  First off The Geeky Hostess!  We tried to get together ALL SDCC but that place is so massive, we never were able to connect.  At VidCon she walked right past me and we finally had a chance to chat!  She was there promoting her online series Job Hunters.  You have to check it out, it is so awesome!
Outside the convention center, there was a stage where musicians were playing, a bunch of food trucks and other You Tubers meet ups.  It was such a gorgeous day to be in SoCal.  After a bite to eat I was able to meet James one of the guys with The SDCC Unofficial Blog.  We had a nice long chat about SDCC, VidCon and photography.  It was great to finally meet up with him in person!
I was able to attend one panel entitled:  The Tipping Point, about the middle ground of You Tube celebrity and not a tiny You Tuber.  I got some great tips on how to get my vlog started up and getting it out there for all to see:

*Find people at your level & grow together.

*Engage with the community. 

*Engagement better than subscribers, collaborate with them. 

*Site:  Tubular .

*Fliers to hand out.

*Thank subscribers for subscribing in their comments so others see you.

*Be consistent in comments so your names is everywhere.

*Connect with fans after video.  Subscribe, follow etc.

*Be on all social media. 

*Reach out to fans for help.

Thank you to the panelists Steve Greene, Olga Kay, Austin Null and Margaret Laney.  I have now subscribed to all their You Tube channels and cannot wait to catch up their stuff!

I took way more pictures at VidCon, check out our Facebook page for the complete album and stay tuned for my first vlog answering your questions!  Please leave comments and questions below so I can answer them in future videos!!


Nerd Burger said...

Sounds like you had a great time and learnt heaps. Love that shark. It looks so real.


it was a good time so glad i was able to attend, thanks for the comment!! xo

Dark Stitch said...

It sounds like fun. Hopefully, I'll remember to register next year!

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