Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Nerd Girls LUV Nathan Fillion

How could you not fall in love after looking at THIS picture?!  I found Firefly at my very first San Diego Comic Con in 2009.  I went home, marathoned the show and movie and when I was done crying my eyes out, I was officially a Browncoat!  Since then I have watched the show many times, it is forever in my Netflix queue and I have told everyone that will listen to watch!  Nathan is also a big supporter of the Kids Need to Read charity.  Being a pre-school teacher, this is a huge belief of mine and I am so happy to see someone of his level of fame, getting the word out there!
Nathan is the official/unofficial Mayor of Comic Con.  In the five years I have been going, there is not a place he isn't!  My second year he tweeted that he was at the CA Browncoats booth signing Serenity Comics for charity.  I ran the entire length of the exhibition floor to get there.  I arrived without my camera and without any money!  The Hunny was close behind with both and I was able to get him to sign my comic and that made that years con!

My 3rd year Nerd HQ tweeted out that tickets to Nathan's Conversations for a Cause were still available!  We just happened to be right down the street so ran over and got it!  He has so many great stories, is so personable and loving towards his fans!

Last year we were able to attend the 10th anniversary reunion for Firefly and that was a nerd's dream come true.  The cast was great and you could really tell how all of them were grateful for our love after all these years!
This year's Comic Con was extra special because we got to attend the Serenity screening at Nerd HQ on the field of Petco Park.  It was amazing to see all the Browncoats out in full force and to have Nathan AND Alan there to introduce the movie and do a bit of commentary!  How often can you say you watched a movie WITH the stars!?

Then Sunday, after five years of attending Comic Con, I was finally able to meet the Mayor himself! We were all surprised that it wasn't just Nathan in the photo booth.  Alan Tudyk was there too.  Nathan liked my Doctor cosplay and we shot the photo quickly.  When it was over I gave them both a big squeeze, BUT apparently it was a BIT TOO BIG for Nathan as he was "OUCH why'd you do that?!"  I then said sorry, sorry, sorry and ran away.  He was laughing of course, but I guess I don't know my own strength!

Where to find Nathan:
*Two Guys a Girl and a Pizza Place
*Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
*Much Ado About Nothing {DYING to see!}

How to connect to his fandom:

That is why I am a Fillion Fan-girl!


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