Monday, July 22, 2013

San Diego Comic Con 2013: The Swag!

I don't know if I was too busy this year, or there just wasn't that much swag this year!  Even in past years the Gaslamp has had MASSIVE swag, but they were at an all time low as well.  Same goes for panels.  Of the 11 panels I attended I received one ticket {then proceeded to loose it}.

I was picker than usual on swag though to be honest.  I didn't take everything that was handed my way.  I had a list and on Sunday {I know too late} I went to gather it all.  I missed out on the Petco Yoda ears.  But really I wasn't too sad to miss anything.  I was super happy to get the exclusive Mad Libs and ECSTATIC when after rolling around in the Ducktales money bin {a childhood dream come true} I was handed a Ducktales PIN!  From purchases at BBCA and Nerd HQ I was given the awesome lanyard and keychain.  But I the Ducktales pin is getting the award for BEST swag of the con!

If you have read my previous swag posts, you know that the SDCC free bags are my FAVORITE!  I wanted the WB Big Bang Theory bag, but Arrow was a good runner up.  I got a nice substantial tote from good friend and author James Morris {which he even signed} and the amazing guys at GraphicLab Designs gave me a sweet lil backpack!  I was on a mission from the get go to get the Geek Magazine Oblivion exclusive bag {with the ruins of SDCC convention center}.  I acquired that on Friday and they were already almost out!  Thank you SDCC Unofficial Blog for the awesome Pop Chips bag FULL of swag and don't ask me where the zombie bag came just popped up one day in our piles of stuff back at the house.

I had a HUGE list of things I wanted to buy this year and was able to get ALMOST all of it!  I had my eye on the amazing BBCA Doctor Who and Sherlock tees but the line for that booth was RIDICULOUS!  Preview night we waited in a pre-line for a LONG time to no avail.  Come Thursday I was worried they would be all gone.  But Being Geek Chic came to my rescue and conquered the line!  I got James Morris' sequel to Skybound, Water Tower, stay tuned for giveaway!  I bought ALL things Futurama and was able to acquire {due to newest and most awesome friend Adam} the Back to the Future Lego set!  He bought it for me Thursday, they were gone the next day.  Nerd HQ had so many amazing tees, but by the time I made it to their merch table they only had 1 out of 3 I wanted.  I also bought a button and magnet from them.  Since they didn't have some of the tees I wanted, they were kind enough to give me a 15% off code for an online purchase and that has been made!

The Toynami Destructor/Gender Bender Deluxe Box Set.

Finally the mini David Tennant in a dashing tux is sitting on my desk with his sonic screwdriver!

One more thing.  I usually try to be super positive and not say anything that isn't going to build people up or support us nerds, that being said, I was super disappointed in the swag given out at the Dexter panel.  I didn't attend personally, The Hunny and Gamer Geek did and were both given a ticket for the fulfillment room.  We were SUPER excited about this as it was Dexter's last year and it is one of our MOST favorite shows!  Come to find out the swag was this....

A paper fan that looks like an egg with a cut on it.  There were no Dexter bags this year {my all time favorite swag of the last 4 years} no buttons, not even a tattoo like last year.  This was pretty insulting.  I would have rather had nothing than this.  They could have even given this out IN the panel rather than make people fight through the crowds and lines.  

Ok sorry nerd rant over....

What was your favorite swag of the con!?  Tweet it to me @thenerdygirlie


  1. Ah! I was trying to get rid of my BBT bag all weekend!!! I would have so traded you for Arrow! If you're still interested in having the BBT bag we could probably figure that out!

  2. that dexter "fan" was the biggest stomach punch!

    1. AnonymousJuly 23, 2013

      It hurt even more when if you had looked over to the next table from the Dexter table, it was Dreamwork's swag. They had some sort of bundle with a lithograph and some stuffed plushie. Then you look at the fan, then back to the bundle. Ouch!

    2. I try not to be negative, but I agree, so sad that this is the VERY LAST Dexter swag we will ever get at SDCC! :(

  3. best swag we got was community cups from the community panel, then after its always sunny in Philadelphia and Sons of Anarchy panels were we given an its always sunny t-shirt and a soa key chain. we also got the zombie bags with a pin from the plants vs zombies booth.

  4. The worst thing about the Dexter fan was that it was nothing but an advert to buy the series on Blu Ray... Thanks for making me walk a mile for my junk mail :/

  5. I wanted The Big Bang Theory bag so bad!! But I got stuck with The Following one. The best freebie I got was a Kre-O set from Hasbro to make an Enterprise. I'm a huge Star Trek nerd.

  6. AnonymousJuly 25, 2013

    My favorite SWAG came from the Game of Thrones offsite! You were able to "order" a personalized "House" t-shirt! I got mine with my last name on it. They also had artists doing portrait sketches out front, free pictures (printed!) on the Iron Throne, cell phone skins (for iphone5 and a couple others), and all of it was free, you just needed a badge to get in. While we were standing in line, they handed out mini bottles of GoT branded water and HBO GO came by to give out mini posters from the show, already in protective sleeves, just for showing them you had the app on your phone. The Assassins Creed off-site on the "pirate" ship was pretty cool too. The main SWAG was a reusable plastic water bottle and an inflatable sword, but we also got printed photos of us as pirates (using their dress-up box).

  7. Gah. That Dexter fan. I've been calling it Slenderman with a cut on his face. I was SO looking forward to maybe a little glass slide with a blood sample on it. SOMETHING, especially since it's their last year. On the flip side, the Fox and Game of Thrones swag was legit!

  8. Thanks for sharing your best swag nerds!!! xo