Monday, July 22, 2013

San Diego Comic Con Photo Hunt 2013: The Photos!

Our SDCC Instagram photo hunt was a success!!!  Thank you to everyone who partcipated!  I had such a fun time doing it.  I was so busy during the con this year, that I had to activly remember to get these pictures!  There were times when I was able to take a few at a time which was nice.  I ended up taking the entire last day to finish up the hunt.

{Here are ALL my pictures!}

Here is one of each of the photo prompts from YOU!  Thank you so much again to everyone who participated.  I got a lot of good feed back and really hope to create another one of these photo hunts in the future.  I hope you all had an amazing time participating in it!

"Logo" by:  thevinyldead
"Starbucks cup" by:  hersheyperson
"A Line" by:  lucygoosey94_
"Nerd HQ" by: deargoodbye
"TARDIS" by:  mrsrawk
"Comic books" by:  bratpack
"Sketch" by:  jennaciouse
"Browncoat" by:  jennaciouse
"Sleeping bag" by:  mrsrawk
"Red shirt" by:  bloodandcake
"Lightsaber" by:  travisthegrimm
"Zombie" by:  jennaciouse
"FREE" by:  amyg1066
"WANT" by:  thejackielyn
"Nathan Fillion" by:  endlesslistlinz
"Bathroom pass" by:  bratpack
"Us" by:  mrsrawk
"I bought this" by:  travisthegrimm & thejackielyn
"Inside my bag" by:  thejackielyn

BIG THANK YOU to everyone who participated!  I cannot wait to do this again next year!!!


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