Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Nerd Girls LUV Sam Witwer

THIS is the picture that made me a Sam Witwer fan.  I was in NYC for Christmas of 2010.  After getting off at a subway station, I saw huge amounts of these promo posters.  Vampire, werewolf and ghost living together.  I literally stopped in my tracks as my group walked ahead.  I took a picture to remember the January première date. I was sold at vampire.  I got the Hunny to try Being Human out with me and we have been hooked ever since!  
I was obviously a huge fan upon just seeing him {he is gorgeous } but it wasn't until the Being Human panel at SDCC in 2011 that I became a fan of him as a person.  The way he interacted with his cast mates, his sense of humor and his nerdiness for Star Wars made him into a down to Earth real person!  That same year at SDCC I was relaxing in front of the Hard Rock Hotel and guess who walks by?  The  entire cast of Being Human!  I went into full fan-girl mode but was still able to snap a few pictures {isn't SDCC a magical place?!}.  A while later they walked back by and hung out right in front of us and I was able to get my picture with all of them!
SDCC 2011 was MADE!
Life got even better at Phoenix Comic Con this year were I was able to meet Sam twice more!  Both times he was so sweet.  Especially when I saw him in our hotel lobby and he graciously smiled for a picture.
Where to find Sam:
*Being Human
*Dexter Season 1
*Star Wars Force Unleashed video games
*The Clone Wars

How to connect to his fandom:

This is why I am a fan of Sam!


Crystal said...

I ran into him after the Star Wars Geek Roundtable panel on Friday at SDCC. I was panicking (I was having some extreme anxiety earlier) so I couldn't really form any words so rather than embarrass myself I convinced my friend (Thank you Kaitlyn!)to ask him to sign the back of my badge and take a picture with me. I wish I had been able to ask him myself, but I was literally terrified at the moment. Thank god my friend understood that I would totally regret not getting at least an autograph.


Crystal, I had the same problem when we met at PHXCC!! I totally stumbled on my words and I was defiantly shaking a bit...but it was all worth it :)

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