Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What We’re Listening To: SDCC 2013 Edition

So, I’ve just returned from 2013 San Diego Comic Con…my feet still hurt, I need to sleep for about a week straight, and every panel is a blur, BUT I’m happy to report that this music nerd had plenty to get excited about at SDCC!

First, I was very happy to stumble upon Jermaine Rogers’ booth in the exhibit hall at SDCC.  As a music lover and concert goer I’ve admired his concert and band posters.  He had a poster from the Ogden Theater in Denver on display which made this Colorado girl quite proud.  He’s done artwork for a lot of bands I love including Band of Horses, Radiohead, Foo Fighters, and Queens of the Stone Age.  The Gamer Geek and I picked out a few small prints to bring home.  

Can’t wait to get these prints framed that Jermaine Rogers graciously signed for me!

I also stopped by the War Machine Marketing booth because I saw merch for some really great bands.  They had one of those wheels that you could spin and don’t ya know I won FREE MUSIC!  I won the Rock Paper Music sampler from Warner Brothers Music and when I turned the CD over I was delighted to see The Wild Feathers featured.  I mentioned that I loved the band, and one of the guys manning the booth, Dan, seemed pretty happy that I knew who The Wild Feathers were.  We had a nice little chat about the band and music in general.  At that point I was a very happy music nerd – so glad that the powers that be at SDCC understand that nerds love music, too.  

Thanks to War Machine Marketing and Warner Brothers Music for the music sampler.

Check out The Wild Feathers here – looking forward to their new album coming out on August 13th!

Lastly, I was VERY fortunate to catch some live music while attending SDCC.  I got to see The Silent Comedy outside of the Con at the History Channel’s Viking Experience.  I’ve wanted to see them for a while and I was so excited when I saw that they would be playing during SDCC.  I raced out of the Being Human panel to get to the Viking Experience stage.   I made it there in record time and had time to catch my breath before The Silent Comedy took the stage – which was good because they took my breath away.  I was really happy to hear them play one of my favorite tracks Gasoline and the new stuff off their latest EP sounded great, too.   The Silent Comedy are the real deal folks…check them out!

The Silent Comedy at San Diego Comic Con Viking Experience
The Silent Comedy YouTube Channel

Music Worth Nerding Out Over!


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