Friday, July 19, 2013

San Diego Comic Con 2013: SherlockeDCC

Directly after the Sherlock panel we all ran over to the Brick + Mortar to begin set up for the SherlockeDCC party hosted by:  The Baker Street Babes, Being Geek Chic, Cara McGee, Sherlock DC and The Nerdy Girlie!

We had special Sherlock inspired drinks!

And we ended up having a FULL house by the end of the night.

I began checkin guests in at 7pm but they were lining up as early as 6pm!  Everyone got in easily and the party was ready to begin!!

We had some awesome cosplayers!

Cara was busy ALL night!!!

Then our special guests began to show up!  Sue Vertue and her husband Steven Moffat!!!  Sue loved mine and The Baker Street Babe's Sherlock wallpaper skirts!  They got to come on in, have a drink and enjoy the photo booth.  Everyone was so happy and surprised to see them.  We were all very grateful they took time to come out!  Thank you Sue and Steven!!! xo

Just as Sue and Steven were leaving another special someone showed up...Mark Gatiss!!!  Again the place when crazy!  He was able to have seat, drink a beer and enjoy the photo booth!  He ended his stay with a sweet lil speech.  Thank you Mark for taking the time to come and hang out!! xo

I will upload all the pictures from the party to my Facebook page so go check them out and tag your self!!  Thank you everyone for coming and making the party amazing, we could NOT have done it without YOUR help!!!  Hope to see you next year!!

Check out the photo booth gallery HERE!


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