Saturday, July 20, 2013

San Diego Comic Con 2013: Day 2

After an AMAZING and EXHAUSTING 1st day of SDCC, day two started off a bit rough...but we finally made it out of the house at noon!

My first stop HAD to be the Ducktales Money Bin at the Capcom booth located all the way at the end of the show floor in hall A.  There was a small line and a funny sign saying no jumping or diving in to the money bin.  Of course that IS the first thing I wanted to do, but ended up just gently falling into the pillow money!  While waiting in line the Ducktales theme song came on and and the entire line of ADLUTS {myself included!!} sang along, it was AMAZING!  The ladies working the booth were super sweet and helped with throwing the money up for a great shot!  When it was over, I was surprised by getting a Ducktales pin!  My favorite swag so far!

Then had to head over and get my Futurama fix in!  I had not been to get my annual picuture with the newest comic and it was great!  Bought the newest comic and their exclusive Comic Con comic collection.

Then I turn around and see Matt Groening signing comics!  I rushed around to the end of the line only to find it already capped.  So I walked back over to at least get a picture!  He was even signing a Futurama comic. 

Passing the lego booth, I noticed THIS sign.  Luckily a new special friend had picked one up for me on Thursday!!!  So excited for that new toy, it is awesome!

Then to get my buy on!  I hadn't been able to buy anything so at the Toynami booth I bought their three SDCC toys and was in Futurama heaven!

The Music Maven and I were able to meet up with Twitter friend Elsbeth and had a great time walking and talking and trading SDCC stories!  Don't you LOVE her Fringe tee!?

I HAD to stop by and say hi to our SherlockeDCC sponsors and great friends GraphicLab Tees!!!  They are such awesome and cool guys!  Thank you for all your support fellas!!

After FINALLY making it to the BBCA booth and buying ALL the things, I walk out to see these awesome cosplayers!

Being a Dexter victim...

and making friends with a raptor!  It was a GREAT and relaxing day.  I was so happy to finally check out the floor and meet more of you nerds!!!  Don't forget to say HI because I STILL have some buttons left!!

We also hit up NERD HQ again since last night the merch tables were closed.  I was able to get one out of the three tees I wanted, but was given a code for 15% off online purchase.  Will be picking up more!

Uploading ALL my pictures to my Facebook page, go check them out and tag yourself. 


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