Sunday, July 21, 2013

San Diego Comic Con 2013: Day 3

Saturday started out a LOT better than Friday.  We were out of the house a bit late and made it into the Ballroom 20 line around 9am!  I am not gonna lie, I was sweating whether or not we would get into the Ballroom for Futurama, but alas we did!  There were tons of seats still available and we got to sleep in!!

We were shown the pilot to Once Upon a Time in Wonderland and I really enjoyed it!  They will do the entire story and wrap it up in one season.  We were also surprised by the announcement that Naveen Andrews will be playing the baddy of the season JAFAR!

Then what I had waited all morning for...the VERY LAST? Futurama panel!!!  The cast did a table read of the series finale act one.  That is always my favorite party of their panel, seeing the voices out in person!  I love how fast Billy West can switch between Fry, Zoidburg and the Professor.  I also love hearing John DiMaggio LOL as Bender!!  I videoed the entire thing and will post it on you tube!  They then showed us the animated act two of the same episode!  Then as usual, Matt and another Futurama artist did a draw off to the death!  Matt was convicted of cheating and sentenced to Snu Snu!!

After Futurama we RUSHED over to the Indigo Ballroom for Being Human at 4pm.  That was completely not necessary.  We had to wait in a bit of a line outside, but once in, there were MANY seats and I don't think the room was ever completely full while we were in there.  We got in to see The Originals panel.  Nothing of note to report, except that the actors were handsome!!

The hardest working man at Comic Con Chris Hardwick moderated The Awesomes panel with Seth Meyers and co.  They showed us the pilot, but it was meh.

Chris then came right back out for his Nerdist panel.  I LOVED that he did cosplay as Booker Dewitt from Bioshock Infinite.  It is so fun when the celebs get into the spirit of the con!  He has such a kind heart and I love how he is all about building up the fan community.  I feel the same way.  If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. :)

THEN BEING HUMAN!  They are always my favorite {tied with Futurama}!  The cast is SOOOO funny and soooo kind!  I live tweeted the entire panel for @BeingFans.  I was nervous, but they let me know I did a good job for them and I was still able to enjoy the panel and now have a record of what they said!  THIS is a show to watch if you are not already!  Here is a small video of the boys trying to re-enact a scene of Godzilla.

We were able to have a nice sit down dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory and even got to see Grant Bowler walk by twice!  After dinner we went and grabbed our blankets and headed to Petco Park for the Nerd HQ Serenity viewing!  

It was AWESOME!!  Alan Tudyk walked right past us pretending to sweep up things.  He brushed my brother in law's feet and bumped into The Music Maven.  She then proceeded to scream!  They went up and did a nice speech which I videoed

They then did a bit of commentary and it was a such a fun treat.  It was such a once in a lifetime experience to watch that awesome movie with such awesome fans!

As we exited the field, Zach and Nathan told us to come party in Nerd HQ and they both thanked us all for coming.  It was such a wonderful ending to an awesome night!  We then tried to get into the H Hall line for Doctor Who the next day, but YEAH....we went home and slept in our comfy beds instead :)

ALL my pictures will be up on my Facebook page so go check them out and tag yourself if in them.  Also if you took a picture with me, send it on over too!  I want to add it to the album!


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