Friday, July 19, 2013

San Diego Comic Con 2013: Day 1

We were up BRIGHT and EARLY for SHERLOCK!!!  Out of the house and in line by 5am.  We arrived and the line was not too bad!  We ended up under the tents near H Hall and then moved to the tents near B20....

with an amazing view!

Also a peak at SDCC behind the scenes!  

We were all pretty tired!  The Hunny is asleep!

But quite worth it for some great seats!  1st up of the day was the Intelligence.  The show reminded me of a drama version of Chuck.  The cast was so sweet and smiley!  Great way to start of the day.  

Next up was the pilot for Star Crossed.  NOT something to show the SDCC crowd, but I really enjoyed it.  There were some corny parts, but over all I really liked it and had so much respect for the actors to come out after the crowd wasn't wild about the show.  I can't wait to watch it.

I haven't watched Psych, but The Hunny does.  We were all surprised that Cary Elwes was the panel host.  He was so charismatic and funny.  He made that panel.  Now I have another show that I have to catch up on.  Can't wait to start watching it!

THEN what we had waited ALL day for!!!!!  SHERLOCK!!!  Martin Freeman sent a sweet message...

As did Benedict.  I THOUGHT that they were going to surprise us with him as the video kept going in and out, but alas they did not...good thing, because I think I would have started jumping up and down on the chair and crying!  LOL  Also it would have broken Ballroom 20!

They showed the most amazing clip of series 3 episode 2.  I don't want to have any spoilers, but I was crying!  In a good way!  SUCH an amazing scene and I cannot wait for you all to see it next year when Sherlock returns early 2014!

After our SherlockeDCC party was over at 10pm, we rushed over to the Nerd HQ party and danced the night away with Zach Levi and a ton of other awesome nerds!  I paid for it in the morning, but it is all worth it!  We had a BLAST!!


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