Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What happens in Vegas goes on this blog! Part 2 Imagine Dragons

What happens in Vegas goes on this blog! 
Part 2:  Imagine Dragons

 A few months ago Imagine Dragons tweeted that they still had a few tickets left for their Vegas show.  I had tried to get tickets to the San Diego show but they sold out almost instantly.  So I tweeted The Music Maven that we should meet in Vegas at their show at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino...LOL.  30 mins later she called and said she got the tickets and the rest is history!  Here we are pre show with the Imagine Dragons elevator!  That is @The_Gamer_Geek's excited face.

Pre line at the the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino before the real line at The Joint.  Our tickets are ready!  This would be all of our 1st Imagine Dragons show, The Music Maven and @The_Gamer_Geek's 8th!

One of the opening acts was Nico Vega.  The lead singer and front women of the band Aja Volkman was amazing and drew me in immediately   She has an amazing stage presence, she makes you want to watch her.  They brought down the house with their final song Beast.

The 2nd opening act was Atlas Genius.  Another amazing band that I can't wait to listen to again.  Get ready for me iTunes :-D  They were super fun and adorable.  I was jamming the entire time!  Listen to them here!

Around 10pm the main attraction, Imagine Dragons, took the stage.  This entire time I had felt like I was one of the oldest people there, but once ID hit the stage, I turned into one of those screaming tweens who were surrounding me!  I had not been to a concert in a long time, I use to go a lot, but the Hunny does not like them so I have no one to go with!  But this show made me want to go see live music more!

The above picture was one of the best surprises.  Dan swung on across the audience on a rope singing On Top of the World!  All of these pictures were taken with my iPhone so it was hard to get good ones.  But I am happy with the ones I got.  I had to take a lot to get a few good ones.  


Round & Round, Amsterdam, Tiptoe, Hear Me, Rocks, Radioactive, 30 Lives, Bleeding Out, Demons, Underdog, Top of the World, Its Time, Nothing Left to Say

ID did almost their entire album and EP.  Only omitting my two FAV songs Every Night and Working Man. Even so I enjoyed every minute of it!  It was even better with my family there and two of my cousins, who are also big fans, it was their first time seeing the band as well.  We also met a nice father/daughter who were all the way from CA too!  She was a HUGE fan and made the card Dan is holding in the picture above!  She was super excited to give it to him and I was super excited for her!!

The band came out for an encore and did two more songs, ending with It's Time.  Driving home listening to the album was so fun!  I loved reliving the concert and can now do so with all my pictures, this blog and the album.  I even gained two new bands to love!  I can't wait for my next show!


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