Monday, February 11, 2013

What happens in Vegas goes on this blog! Part one.

What happens in Vegas goes on this blog!  Part one.

We went Las Vegas this past weekend to celebrate The Music Maven's's 40th!!!!!! And do an Imagine Dragons concert, but came back with so many wonderful memories!

It went by so quick and it was so busy, but we had such a blast! This was our view of the strip from our Hard Rock Hotel and Casino room.

 The Hunny and I arrived and were able to decorate the Hard Rock Hotel room for @Tillieelvrum's birthday before she and @The_Gamer_Geek arrived.  She was super surprised and then we lavished her with gifts!

Girl Scout cookies, Castle DVD, Jack White and MJ vinyls.

I even got an early birthday present from @The_Gamer_Geek. {We are both HUGE DW fans!  We bonded over gingerbread TARDIS' this Christmas!} A lego TARDIS complete with my Doctor {#10} and sonic screwdriver!

Shortly after the birthday girl's arrival, more family arrived.  My aunt, uncle and two cousins.  Let the family bonding begin!  We are HUGE huggers and the Hunny is NOT, so the uncle tortured him with hugs all weekend.  By the end the Hunny and him were BFFs.

Chillaxin' in the suite before dinner at the Tournament of Kings at the Excalibur Hotel.  

We had such an amazing time.  Again we are a very loud and participatory bunch...the Hunny not so much, but he had a good time on the inside.

We ended the night with a stroll over to the Luxor Hotel.  By the way it was FREEEZING in Vegas!  Did not know it got so cold there!  So happy I brought my UGGs because they kept me nice and toasty all weekend!

Tomorrow part two the UH-MAZING Imagine Dragons show!!!!!
Stay tuned!


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