Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Doctor Who Season 3

I was so busy into the 4th season that I forgot to share my favorites from season here they are!

The Shakespeare Code
Shakespeare, aliens and Harry Potter equal a winning combination!  All the mention of J.K. plus Shakespeare and the Doctor's relationship were BRILLENT! 
"Expeliamus!" - Shakespeare {I DIE!}

Guess I can never complain about traffic again!  Loved that the cat race was back again and the planet he brought Rose to.
"You are not alone." - The Face of Bode {& we finally figure how who The Face of Bode REALLY is later in the season!  WHAT?!  WHAT?! AWESOME!}

The Family of the Blood
I LOVED seeing the Doctor as a human and what his life could have been.  But why after he changed back to a Time Lord would he ask his old fiance to come with him and Martha?!  I think Martha would have went off the deep end if she agreed to come!  Seeing the Doctor fall in love with someone else is enough, bringing her on as his second companion, devastating.   

The first episode I started with when I began my marathon, since it was so famous.  I loved how the Doctor was hardly in it, yet was still controlling the entire thing.  I LOVE the time travel, and future/past fixing of things.  Poor Sally Sparrow getting all confused when right when someone disappears they contact her again saying they are dead/old.  WEIRD but awesome!

Last of the Time Lords
The Doctor is not the only Time Lord?!  The aliens are really humans from the future?!  The Doctor is in is 900 year old will this all work out!?  Martha is here to save the day.  I never really latched on to her as a companion, especially since they kept bringing up Rose {sad face!}.  But she had my respect when she left the Doctor because she loved him and would never have his love in return.  She is a stand up girl for leaving him and getting on with her life.  

1/2 way done w/ season 4 now and it is the last one with the 10th Doctor...will I like the 11th Doctor?!


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