Monday, December 17, 2012

Dexter Season 7 Finale

TOO MUCH!!!!  Dexter, Deb, Hannah & good-bye LaGuerta!  No big baddie for Dexter to hunt this year, instead he is the hunted.  

Dexter and Hannah showdown.  They both love and miss each other still but end up agreeing that they can both never trust each other.  Hannah's true colors finally come out when she says she thought it would be Dexter in jail and not her.  One passionate good-bye kiss later and he thinks she is out of his life forever.  Can't wait for him to receive his black death flowers!  Guess she is the badder for the series end?!

Deborah and Hannah showdown number two.  Hannah has finally admitted to poising Deb out of jealousy.  Deb is still trying to protect her brother by making positive that Hannah isn't going to talk.  Hannah basically gives Deb a verbal beat down.  Round two to Hannah.  If only Hannah could see Deb at episodes end.

Round three Dexter and LaGuerta.  She arrests him for the murder of Hector.  Which of course he is actually not guilt of.  He has planted and fixed evidence in his favor, making LaGuerta look like a crazy lady.  Of course we know she is right, but no one else knows she is.  Good try LaGuerta but if know one else knows your not crazy...Dexter for the win!

Deb and LaGuerta dook it out over NEW evidence that LaGuerta has uncovered.  Video of Deb getting gas in a gas can for Dexter near the church at the time the church was caught on fire.  Pretty convincing way to start a case against Deb and Dexter.  LaGuerta gets the win...but not for long.  Seriously you want to mess around with a serial killer and his cop sister?!  Bad things were bound to happen.  

Dexter has decided what his final choice must be.  But when Deb shows up and knocks it all out of whack they are both in the same boat, not just Deb following along anymore, she is IN THE BOAT!  

This season has had its ups and downs, but it never disappoints me.  EVERY episode the hunny and I are yelling at the screen.  I CANNOT wait for the final season beginning sometime next year.  This was suppose to be the final season, but they were convinced to do the show ending in two years.  So grateful as this year Dexter got NO Golden Globe nominations.  The finale alone deserved something.  LOVE this show and am going to savor every last episode that comes next year!  Until then!


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