Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Doctor Who Season 4: Bye Bye Bye 10

I am officially a Doctor Who fan...I just purchased my very first Doctor Who T!!!  Three Ts are now ready to go for SDCC 2013!  This might possibly be my favorite season so far.  The last three episodes were heartbreaking and amazing and I HAD to stay up and finish it last night!  

The Planet of Ood
{Probably the most beautiful planet I have seen on this series thus far. It is always fun to see a familiar species {the Ood} on the show.  It makes me feel like I am apart of the show more and more. I LOVE the above picture so much, I wan to print it for a Christmas decoration!  The DoctorDonna prediction was also fun to look back on.} 

The Forest of the Dead
{I cannot wait to see how this story between the Doctor and River Song plays out!  I had to go ahead on Netflix to see if these episodes are coming up soon and they do come up, but she always said that her Doctor was older, and the NEW Doctor is younger than the 10th so I guess I will just have to wait and see.}

Left Turn
{Behind Rose, Donna is my favorite companion.  It was nice to finally have one that wasn't in love with the Doctor.  That didn't follow him blindly, questioned and challenged him. But still loved him.}

The Stolen Earth
{The gang's all here...that was fun!}

Journey's End
"I've only got one life Rose Tyler.  I could spend it with you.  If you want." - The Doctor {half human/half time lord} 

{Couldn't take my eyes off the screen!  One of my top favorite episodes thus far.  So happy Rose got to live a life with her Doctor.  Such a marvelous ending to her story.  I am now complete and should be able to move on.}  

"I suppose in the end they always break my heart." - The Doctor 

Bring it on Matt me what you got!


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