Monday, November 12, 2012

Firefly 10th Anniversary: Browncoats Unite

Last night we got to see the REAL chemistry the cast and crew of the show Firefly had and still have!  From the very beginning of this special you could tell that they all genuinely like each other and were happy to be there.  I loved hearing all the behind the scenes talk.    

During the audition process Summer Glau said that Nathan was a "jerk" to her.  She asked how his audition went and he said don't worry, I don't think we are up for the same role!  That must have been intimidating to hear from someone you don't know yet and who you thought was "handsome." 

Executive Producer Tim Minear explained that Joss Wheadon thought that Nathan Fillion "nailed" his audition, even though Joss had a different vision of Capt. Malcom Reynolds in mind. 

I really enjoyed listening to Adam Baldwin talk about how he got into his character of Jayne {my favorite!}.  He wanted to go really over the top and asked Fillion about it and Fillion was like eh...but Joss LOVED it so he went with it.  When Baldwin realized that everyone on the show as expendable he came the to conclusion quickly that he also had to make Jayne a lovable character.  Baldwin also talked about wanting to make the best show they could because they didn't know how long they were going to be on the air.  

Fox had already wanted something different that what they gave them for the two hour pilot.  So over a weekend they had to write The Train Job.  That is exactly what Fox wanted.  

Alan Tudyk aka Wash recalled his favorite scene of the series being he and Fillion having a heated argument on the bridge. 

Jewel Staite, Gina Torres and Morena Baccarin were not able to attend the round table discussion  but were added in throughout the special as side interviews.  Jewel said that everyday she is recognized for this show.  Gina had my favorite quote of the special saying "no one makes a major motion picture out of a failed show, it's never been done!"  Morena had the most interesting back story that was never told.

A future episode that was pitched by Joss to Tim Minear was this:
Inara has this special syringe, that she can administer to herself, that kills anyone who rapes her.  She is then captured by the Reavers.  Capt. Mal comes to her rescue and when he does, he finds her on the Reaver ship and all the Reavers are dead.  Leaving us to the conclusion that she has had a really horrendous experience {no words to describe this} and Mal then takes her hand like a lady and leads her out of the ship alive.  I was in stunned silence listening to this story.  We also learn that Inara has a terminal illness.  WOW would she have had a not happy ending!

I also loved the thought of Wash/Zoe and Simon/Kaylee children in a daycare on Serenity taken care of by Jayne.  
It was nice to re-see the SDCC panel, since I was quite delirious by that point.  Haven woke up at 1am and waiting in line all night to not see the cast until noon that day!  I teared up again upon their arrival on stage.  Loved all the emotions everyone was expressing, it was such a love fest!  It truly shows how much they all care about each other.

"When I see you I don't think the show is off the air." - Joss Whedon


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