Friday, November 23, 2012

Doctor Who Series 1: Let The Fan-Girling Begin!

I've been told many times for many years that I would LOVE Doctor Who and that I should watch it...but of course my stubborn self has to wait till she is ready and that time is NOW!  Via Netflix I have just finished series one of Doctor Who and have found my newest thing to fan girl out about!  Watch out SDCC 2013!

Favorite episodes:

#6 Dalek
mean while this was too cute on Etsy!
I have heard so many bad bad things about the Daleks!  This episode is the first time I got to meet them and it is quite depressing!  You end up feeling mostly sorry for the Dalek.  He thinks that he, like the Doctor are the last of their kind.  Humans keep this one Dalek chained up and continue to electrocute him in hopes of eliciting some response.  Only when Rose shows up and gives him a bit of compassion does he begin responding.  Then he goes on a killing spree, but it is understandable since he was locked up and tortured for who knows how long.  In the end he begins to have feelings, dosen't like that and asks Rose to give the orders to have him destroy himself.

#8 Father's Day

I always love a good backstory and alternate reality!  Rose goes back to see her father through his death and ends up saving him instead.  This sends crazy creatures out to kill everyone in existence, unless her dad dies.  I love getting to know the characters more and more through out the series.  Rose will always do anything for her dad.  And he turns out to be a great guy in the end.  AWWWW!

#12 Bad Wolf

I noticed the words popping up first in the picture above {hard to miss!} but not much after until the episode of the same name.  So cleaver to have it strewn about the series until the all came together!  The Daleks are back, this time I feel a bit less sorry for them, but not much.  They now have an emperor who controls them and created them and they are now part human!  Again not their fault.  I am told my opinion of them will change in the coming seasons...but as of now, I just want to give them a big o' hug.

The Doctor
Christopher Eccleston was an amazing Doctor.  He was not my first though.  The first time I watched an episode of Doctor Who was a Christmas special with Matt Smith.  My second episode was Blink with David Tennant.  So it took a bit for me to get on the Christopher train but now, that he is gone I'm so SAD!!!!  I loved his goofy Doctor and loved when we was his mad Doctor!  Will I ever love another Doctor more...STAY TUNED!


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