Friday, November 9, 2012

Almost Nerdy Costume Contest 2012

The photo I entered.
The blog site Almost Nerdy was having a costume contest for Halloween.  I had this shot I took while trying out my costume and decided to enter it on a whim.  Many family and friends voted and I was in second place for the longest time.  I did not come close to winning but was in a very close 2nd place race with the other cosplayer's picture who is located next to mine in the below blog post link.  Thank you everyone who voted!  

On a related note, Geek & Sundry was RTing costumes submitted to them on Twitter on Halloween.  I was not planning on doing a Halloween blog post until the next day, but I had my photos edited so threw one together and sent it to them.

They RTed me!  

Then my blog post BLEW UP!  That day I had over 600 people view it and since them it is almost at 900!  The most anyone had viewed any of my posts before, was a bit over 100.  So of course I am super happy and excited that this was able to happen.  I hope that everyone enjoyed the post, are coming back and stay in touch!  I write here for people to read and to connect with me and other nerds!  

Thank you everyone who reads this, know that I appreciate you and ALWAYS love to hear from you!


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