Thursday, November 8, 2012

When Nickelodeon was COOL!

I would say the golden age of Nickelodeon was during the late 80s and early 90s.  I don't think there was a program on the network that I did not like!  Now I don't think I could even tell you a show that airs on Nick anymore {even with me working at a preschool}.  Ok now I'm gonna have to go look it up....OK I do know a couple shows, can you believe that The Fairly Odd Parents is on its 10,000 episode?!  And of course Spongebob is still there, I liked that as a kid, but I definitely have grown out of it.  Back in the day the Nick was soooooo much better.....
Cartoons aka Nick Toons.  They even made up their own word for  I think so!
1.  Rugrats:  Favorite episode: When they went looking for Ice Cream Mountain and Super Babies!
2.  Doug:  Favorite episode: Killer Tofu
3.  Rocko's Modern Life:  Favorite episode:  When Rocko shops at the grocery store's 99% off sale & when he goes on a shopping spree at the mall with his new credit card!  What can I say, I like shopping!
4.  Ren and Stimpy:  Favorite episodes:  Powdered Toast Man, Don't Wiz on the Electric Fence and LOG
5.  Angry Beavers:  Favorite episode:  The one where they try to stay up all night.  That was a kids biggest dream in life, am I right?!
6.  Hey Arnold:  Favorite episode:  There are WAY too many, but I did really love the pilot  when we saw it in front of the Rugrats movie!
7.  Ahh! Real Monsters:  Favorite episode:  Halloween episodes.
Game Shows.  Who did NOT want to be on one of these shows?  Raise your hand?!  That's what I thought!
1.  Double Dare.  I would have died to run that obstacle course!
2.  What Would You Do? I Loved the 'Wall o Stuff!'
3.  Legends of the Hidden Temple.  I wanted to be a Blue Barracuda.  Who didn't yell at the screen when the contestants were trying to put together the golden monkey?!  Seriously it's three pieces!
4.  Wild and Crazy Kids.  I always loved when they went to the theme parks and wanted one of the Ts!  Was able to get one at Comikaze this year!!
5.  Guts.  Who didn't wanted to climb the Argo Crag?!  I also loved the SNES game it was as close as I'd ever get to being on the show!
6.  Nick Arcade.  If you won you got to be INSIDE a video game!  Yeah AWESOME!
Snick & other Teen programing.
1.  Pete and Pete.  Favorite episode:  The hottest summer and King of the Road.  They also had the best theme song.
2.  Salute Your Shorts.  I was able to see the cast at this year's Comikaze and we ALL sang the theme song together...UH-mazing!}
3.  Roundhouse.  I loved all the singing.
4.  All That.  Two words, Good Burger.
5.  Clarissa Explains It All.  I loved the side art she would put upon the screen.  She was like the inventor of the vlog!
6.  Hey Dude.  I still know that theme song by heart!  They need to have a reunion at next year's Comikaze.
7.  Are You Afraid of the Dark.  Favorite Episode:  Tale of the Nightly Neighbors, where my vampire love began.
Nick Products:
1.  Gak
2.  Floam.  Which the preschoolers still love today!
3.  Moon Shoes
4.  Nickelodeon Magazine.  I remember getting the 1st edition with Ren and Stimpy on the cover!
5.  Nickelodeon Hotel in Florida.  What kid wouldn't want to stay there?!
Now there is even a book entitled Slimed!  An Oral History of Nickelodeon's Golden Age!  I can't wait to pick it up!

What things about 90's Nick do you miss?!


Jenn B said...

My fav Nick show was always "You Can't Do that on Television"


I just heard that the slim was green bc they let garbage sit out too long before dumping it on the people on the show! That is why Nick slim is green now! LOL Its all in this new book Slimed!

Hadas said...

Just saw this post Megan. So much nostalgia.

I remember writing to Stick Stickley for a contest and I got glow in the dark Gak sent to me. It was the coolest thing ever to get a prize in the mail!! I miss AYAOTD. I heard it's online somewhere, might find it soon and watch a few eps.

Megan Gotch said...

Hadas, that is so cool!!! Winning stuff through the mail, such a great thing! I've watched AYAOTD on You Tube! xx

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