Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

The Perks of Being a Wallflower - {it will change your life!}
I've seen some good movies this year and some great movies, but this was one that changed me and will stay with me forever.  It had emotion, great music and such an amazing cast.  This movie grabbed at my heart, held it and moved it.  

Charlie is a high school freshman dealing with the loss of a friend to suicide and his own mental illness {yes sounds like a downer stay with me!}.  He is a loner, until he is befriended by two high school seniors Patrick and Sam {step-siblings}.  Through their friendship he is finally welcomed into a community and accepted for who he is.  This is a story of growth, friendship, loss, betrayal and love.  Everything you remember about being sixteen and somethings you would like to forget.  But they made  you who you are.  

one of my favorite scenes from the movie.
I have not read the book but it is now on the top of my to do list.  I cannot wait to get back to the feelings I had for this movie.  The picture above is from the movie.  Sam and her brother Peter are at a school dance and a "cool" song comes on.  They then hit the dance floor with a routine they have done many times at home.  The freedom that they show while dancing to a song they love is something I can truly relate to.  Music/movies/etc. anything really can grab at my heart and make suck me in.  This movie did exactly that.  All this with only seeing one trailer, that I barely remember, but thought it would be a good movie to see, maybe see it on DVD sometime in the future.  So glad that didn't happen.

love this shot from Vanity Fair.
WHO are these actors?!  Emma Watson of course I knew from Harry Potter fame {ps. did not ONE time think Hermione in this film.  Totally forgot she even has a natural British accent!}.  Logan Lerman carries this movie so well.  He had such great emotion and I felt everything he was going through.  Ezra Miller was also amazing, funny and sincere.  I cannot wait to see what else they all accomplish.  Bravo!

This movie came out almost a month ago and the theater was still packed!  
Which means go see it!

PS also loved all the Penn State talk!  


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