Monday, October 22, 2012

The Nerdy Girlie at San Diego Comic Fest!

Thanks to my lovely sister in law, The Hunny and I were able to go to this small lil convention.  We were to pay $15 to get in, but if you donated blood you were able to get into it for free.  So we hopped on over to the blood mobile and the Hunny gave blood for the first time!  

I was un able to my weight {or lack there of}.  So we went back to registration after the Hunny MUNCHED on all the sugary sweets and drinks he could take.  The nice folks at SD Comic Fest, saw that I TIRED to give blood and they let me in for FREE!  That was such a SUPER sweet thing for them to do and I thank them!  

Lanyards around our necks and we were able to start in the dealers room.  Similar to the show floor at SDCC.  But this one was super small and intimate.  Which is exactly how the con wanted it.  This con came from some of the people who began SDCC in the 70s when it was only a small lil convention.  

There were some fun treasures to be found.  Countless comics and vintage toys.

I wanted to get this for my bro-in-law (@psznicx) for Christmas, but THE HUNNY said he wasn't thinking of Christmas yet!  SORRY!  It was also the one that was on the episode of The Big Bang Theory that we got to see taped live!

I fell in LOVE with this hotel!  Cannot wait to find a family that wants to do a photo shoot here!  There were so many different nooks and crannies   Around every corner was a door to a panel.  One of which {Bongo Comics Treehouse of Horror} I would have went to if I didn't have shoots later that day.

Also got a compliment on my Fringe T!  That made this Fringie's day!  Overall it was a fun time.  Friendly atmosphere and intimate setting.

GORG yes?!
Reminded me of Alice in Wonderland.

Love my SD palms!  It was such a wonderful wet fall day, so glad it is finally here!

& I got what I went for.  This cute lil print from Little Vampires.  I remember getting a button of theirs at my very first SDCC {and used it in my button canvas heart art} and was reminded of them at Comicaze. I LOVE these lil guys.  So now I have a cute lil print for my desk and one more button to replace the one I put in my art.  It was also nice to meet the artist another Fringie!


Anonymous said...

I was there too. However, I see that you are planning to go to the Oceanside So Cal Comic Con as well. If you do go, plan to be a little disappointed as there are no Sci-Fi or comic writers, no panels, no masquerade, no parties, no celebrities, or other fun stuff. All So Cal is is artists and comic dealers. Big whoop! Yorba Linda also has comic con like So Cal in January, but even smaller. I'll still go to So Cal, but I recommend going to the Long Beach Comic & Horror Con this Saturday (11/3/12) and Sunday (11/4/12)as well. Quite a bit smaller than Comic Con and crowds not nearly as big. And I love driving over there. Hope to see you there!

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