Friday, October 26, 2012

Nerds of Twitter

Since beginning this blog I have searched Twitter to find people who share my interests.  I have come across some cool people and there are SO many more out there!  You don't realized when you are sitting and typing at home, at your at your desk.  Life of a blogger can be solitary!  I am so happy to live in a day and age where you can connect with someone with one click!  For a simple "hello" or "yeah I like that too!"  

Here is a list I have compiled of my favorites nerds thus far.  Some I have been following for a while and some are new!

*Not all of me is nerd {though a lot is!}.  There is some REALLY girlie parts of me.  So of course I cannot for get my favorite girlie girls!

Girlie Girls:

*What surprised me most about the nerd community is the celebs.  They are fans too, so most of them are super nice and willing to reach out and interact with their fans.  This is such a fun thing for a fangirl/boy to do!  Looking back on my younger years, I never thought it would be so easy to chat with a favorite celeb!

Caring Celebs:
 @yvettenbrown {Community}
 @GrantBowler {DEFIANCE}
@SamWitwer {Being Human and Star Wars Clone Wars/Force Unleashed}
@MeaghanRath {Being Human}
@NathanFillion {If I have to tell you who he is, your in the wrong place!}
@ZacharyLevi {See above}
@DuleHill {Psych}

*I started this blog to find fellow nerd girls and I have done just that!  Check out our Geek Girls Gab series for even more amazing geek gals!

Nerd Girls:
*There are NO shortage of awesome nerd merch out there, just a shortage of $$ for me to spend!

Best Buys:
Geek Soap @geeksoap
Think Geek @thinkgeek
Rebecca Hicks @RHicks of Little Vampires 
GraphicLab Designs @GraphicLabTees
Silverthaw Jewelry @SilverthawJwlry
Bubble & Geek @BubbleandGeek
Nerd Alert Creations @NerdAlert314
Knot Workshop @knotworkshop
The Nerd Machine @thenerdmachine
Cara McGee teas @ohcararara
House of Darkly @house_of_darkly

*Don't forget to follow The Nerdy Girlie team!

Who do you like to follow?  Any suggestions?!


Sully said...

Such a great article. Thanks for including us (NerdFu) with all of these wonderful bloggers/peeps!
BONUS: We were mentioned in the same article with Nathan Fillion. Just one more step until we are BFFs.


Thank you Sully for the comment, of course you guys have been great!!

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