Monday, October 1, 2012

Fringe Season 5 Episode 1

Fringe Season 5 Episode 1 - Only YOU!

"Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11"

I spent the weekend mulling over this LAST first episode of Fringe. I watched it, then watched it again.  All the while listening to Yazoo's 'Only You' (one hundred times according to the hunny, it was really more like fifty!).  

The episode begins with the Bishop family happily enjoying a day at the park.  Soon to be interrupted by the invasion of the Observers.  Flash forward to the year 2036 where Walter, Peter and Astrid have all been released from their amber prisons when the search for Olivia begins.   

Emotions run high through the entire episode.  I think Walter experiences every emotion known to man  and portrays them in a way that we feel everything along with him.  Olivia and Etta's reunion was one for the books.  I cannot wait to see how their relationship grows through the course of this season.  Peter and Oliva's reunion couldn't have gone more different.  The hurt and sorrow they both felt was brought to life by Joshua Jackson and Anna Torv.  I am hopefully that this season will garner more recognition than this predecessors.

Questions were answered but more were brought to light.  What were the course of events that lead to the Fringe team restoring to ambering them selves?  The bullet necklace Etta wears (the one pulled from Olivia in season four?) why and how did she obtain it.  Lastly how are they going to sum this up in only thirteen episodes?!

The major moment, biggest moment of the series, thus far, was Walter at the end of the episode, in the taxi listening to "Only You."  Every other song I have ever heard while watching this show disappeared when the first beat of this song played. My heart beat faster and I knew this was going to be a moment for all Fringies.  The subtle but significant facial expression given by John Noble was masterful.  I am so glad I had never heard this song before now because now I have a strong emotional tie to it (along with three million other people).  This is truly THE Fringe anthem now.  It will be forever ours.  Something that we can look back on when the show is over.  We can go back to it and feel the same emotions we did when we began the last season of the show.  Thank you for the gift.


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