Thursday, October 11, 2012

Nerdy 4 Dexter

I cannot remember when I first began watching Dexter.  Usually these things are quite clear in my mind, but for some reason Dexter is not.  I do remember that my lovely Aunt suggested it.  So I did a bit of investigating   

We own seasons 1-4 so I searched my Amazon account to see if I bought them there.  The only one that showed up was season 3 in August of 2009.  So I am pretty sure I pre-ordered that one.  Now seasons 1 and 2.  I do vividly remember always seeing season 1 around stores, since the cover is quite weird!  So we probably began season one when we first moved to San Diego in 2009.  That is also when I began reading the books which I also love.  The first is similar to the first season, but the other are not.  The third book I did buy here in SD and it was signed by the author, which is a nice treat to have.
SDCC 2009 our very first!
At 2009's SDCC we did not attend the Dexter panel, but I saw those Dexter bags for the first time and HAD to have one!  I made it to the booth right in time to buy my Dexter bobble head {he sits on my desk} and get the LAST bag.  That was also the year they were passing out the Dexter baby pins.  I sadly did not get a full set as we did not go to the convention center on Sunday.
Yes, I was blonde for a VERY short time!
To this day I proudly carry my Dexter bag every time we go to the beach.  Still the 2009 one, that is getting carried till it is no more.  THEN I can begin to break into my stash of other years bags.
Dexter 2010 SDCC panel
2010's SDCC we did get to attend the Dexter panel for the first time and we were pretty close to the stage!  Again the Dexter bag is the main swag I HAVE to get.  But this time it was FREE :)
at SDCC 2011 with bag in front of the Coco Museum of Art
2011's SDCC I got my Dexter bag on the 2nd day of the con.  There was a fuss to get it, but not as much as 2012. 
What I wait my entire SDCC for!
2012's SDCC was the LAST year for Dexter bags, so it felt very hard to get one.  I stalked the booth for the giveaways and was lucky enough to get two {one for me and one for The Hunny, but really both for me!}. 
Car decor.
The Dexter pin, which now sits on my badge holder in my car with all my other con badges.  I just recently made some "art" out of all my buttons from cons and now only a few are left in my car Dexter holding one of the places of honor.
My Dexter bag collection is now complete.
For the season 5 finale we were invited over to our friends house {which we do every Sunday} and I baked some special Dexter victim gingerbread cookies.  Nothing says Merry Christmas like gingerbread men wrapped up ready to die.
Why love a serial killer you say?  Because I, like his sister Deb, do believe that there is good in him. He rids the world of bad people.  He also loves and protects his family too.  

Michael C. Hall is such an amazing actor.  Every season he IS Dexter.  There is one scene in particular that stands out in my mind, Dexter is in a men's restroom and this guy is trying to make him mad, Dexter just flips out. The anger/hate that you see is not something you would usually see or react like.  Michael makes you believe him.  On the flip side, when he says to a sweet sleeping Harrison "it's going to be all right."  You believe that to.  From 2002-2011 he has been nominated for a SAG award and 2007-2011 for a Golden Globe.  He won his first Globe in 2010.  It was great to see him FINALLY be officially recognized for his amazing acting abilities.

My favorite episodes would have to be the two amazing cliffhangers of season 4 and 6!  Brilliant and left me dying for more!
For the final episode I had a little Dexter themed party!  I was not happy about how they ended the series.  I thought that if they ended it with him sailing off into the storm, I could have lived with that.  Or returning safely to Harrison and Hannah.  I cried for the end and I cried for what could have been, but mostly I cried because I would miss Dexter.


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