Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Top Ten Movie Trilogies

I love this blog and I created it to connect with all the fans of things that I enjoy so much and to spread the love! So with that in mind here I want to share my top 10 favorite movie Trilogies!
I have been OBSESSED with trilogies lately {just got done watching my #1, 2 & 7 picks this past week} and I would like to share with you MY top ten favorite trilogies!  

{it was fun getting to take my little brother to see these in the theater.  He even cosplayed!  Building a better world one nerd at a time!}
{shhhhhhh!  I bawl at the end of the 3rd one...EVERY TIME, and there have been a few.  Don't look at me!}
8.  Scream
{the 1st one scared the poo out of me, but they are SMART & FUNNY & now I can hold onto my poo, man that is a gross analogy...sorry!  But as I just linked that up, that mask still is FREAKY!}
{sooooo excited about the rumors for a 4th!!}
{I remember seeing the 1st in the theater, not knowing it was going to be a trilogy, and thinking, at the end, they DIDN'T destroy the ring yet! LOLs NOOB!}
{the movies that introduced me to a whole nother world of nerdy-ness}
4.  Toy Story
{bawled on the 3rd one of these too!  Great job Disney!}
3.  Star Wars
{will always LOVE Hoth, from a distance, winter is too cold for this CA girl!}
{will forever be nostalgic for me.  They also made me a tomboy wanna be hockey player as a kid and still now!}

& #1 is...
my favorite of the 3 & I LOVE this quote! :)
{I remember getting to see the 3rd in the theater with my Mom & we had to sit in THE front row!  Great acting, great story & can't miss with time travel!!}

Of course this is just MY opinion and I would love to hear any of yours!  What is your favorite and which should I check out next!?  


Unknown said...

Bill and I watched the Swedish trilogy of: Girl with a Dragon Tattoo. We found a version that was called the Millennium series (or something like that), with an additional 2 hours of footage. It was 6 parts, 90 min. each, so it was like a mini series. It was fantastic! It's also available on streaming through netflix. ;)

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