Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Nerdy 4 Entertainment Weekly

I began noticing Entertainment Weekly {EW} when my Harry Potter obsession began in 2001.  But it wasn't until 2006 that I gifted myself the magazine as a subscription for my birthday.  Since then I have been loyal if not obsessed with this magazine.  Every Friday or Saturday when it arrives in the mail I take an hour to read it cover to cover!
EWs I cannot part with!
It is the unique cover photos that makes me love EW.  Being a photographer myself and a nerd, I love when the two come together to create something awesome!  All the covers that I LOVE I hold on to.  They have been a HUGE inspiration to me in my own work.  And if it wasn't for the hunny our house would look like my tween bedroom with these amazing photos covering our walls.  Of course my dream job as a photographer/nerd would be to work for EW.  Every year during/after Comic Con I long to see the awesome portraits that come out of the convention weekend.  I drool over the prospect of that job.  What Mike Muller, the photographer, gets the actors to do in his photos, brings out their most comfortable side, it is amazing and inspiring.
Right before I began my subscription, was when the Twilight phenomenon was beginning.
I LOVED the 1st Twilight cover, it was unique and it is one of the reasons I began subscribing to EW.  But years later they have not ANY Twilight covers as good as the 1st one.  Usually now the covers are just posed pictures of the starts.  The latest one looks like a still from the movie, and I cannot get over that her jacket makes her look like she is pregnant.  Placement people, it is all in the details.  Let's keep the creative juices flowing guys, that is THE reason I first bought the magazine.  The cover is what draws the customer to the magazine...if it looks like every other magazine why buy it?

I LOVE what did when they were tired of seeing Twilight covers.  I was browsing through Google pix of EW and saw this one and was like WHAT???!!!  How did I miss this one?!
Of course it was not real.  You can read their article here.  
Guess EW FINALLY heard the fandom and Joss was featured on the cover in August of 2013.

EW's inspiring photos are only the tip of the iceberg, in my love for this magazine.  All the TV/movies/books/music/pop culture things I nerd out about are all here in this ONE magazine EVERY week!  Its nice to have a place to go that has people who understand what you LOVE and LOVE it too!  I have gotten TONS of recommendations from this magazine and they are all things I would have never heard about otherwise.  Thank you EW for feeding my inner nerd weekly!  
EW watching as I write this blog!
*To close here are a few of my favorite covers* 



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