Thursday, September 27, 2012

San Diego Comic Con 2012: Swag

Now that Comic Con has come and gone, I am now back in the real world {working, doing laundry and cooking dinner..booo!}.  I finally had time to gather/admire my favorite swag of the season!

1st my two autographs that were BOTH by accident!  Joss Whedon on EARLY Saturday morning and Felicia Day on the last day of the con!  

My always favorite BAGS!  I have a problem in real life with hoarding bags and comic con just contributes to that obsession!  The Wilfred bag is THE biggest bag I have ever seen and I could probably fit comfortably inside it!  I got that one in the Gaslamp.  The Breaking Dawn bags went SUPER fast, but I was able to get mine on preview night.  I HAD to trade my Hobbit {GASP} WB big bag for The Vampire Diaries {Swoon!} :)  I totally stalked the Showtime booth for the Dexter bag and was able to close out my collection of Dexter bags {last season and last con :( }.  Lastly my bro answered TWO Walking Dead trivia questions in the last hours of the con on Sunday to get us both The Walking Dead bags...they were being VERY discreet about those ones!

Defiance was EVERYWHERE this con {good for the hunny} but not much swag...soooo, took two cards, a pen and napkins from the cafe, for our scrapbook.  At the Defiance panel, I saw that someone had taken a menu and was getting it signed...WHY didn't i think of that?  OH I DID, but didn't want to steal it :(

Lastly I acquired enough buttons to finally finish my button collage that I saw on Pintrest!  I have a 12x12 inch canvas that I am going to glue them on in a shape of a heart :)  So I can look at it on the wall and it can remind me of the happiest time of the year!  Not that I need any reminding...because my pic with Zachary Levi is on my phone's lock screen so anytime I need to get on my phone {which is quite a lot...OBSESSED with Instagram!} I get to see his smiling face and can't help but smile myself!

367 days till next year!!!!
July 18th-21st 2013


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