Thursday, September 27, 2012

San Diego Comic Con 2012: Day 2

We woke up at 1am for to get into the Firefly 10th anniversary panel excuse me if this is a lil short/delirious!! 

We arrived in line around 2am and I jumped into my sleeping bag to get a few winks...around 3:30am the hunny woke up up saying Joss Whedon was walking the line...I was so tired, I almost didn't care {WOW!} BUT I ended up running up there and was able to have him sign my badge and get a picture {excuse the no make up and sleepy eyes!}  Joss is such a sweet and friendly guy!

We arrived in Ballroom 20 at 9am and were 10 rows back for The Community panel...we LOVE this show!!  The cast was so sweet, humble and appreciative of all their fans!

Joel McHale greeting the crowd with kisses!

The cast of Community.

AND now what we waited all night for!!!!  The crowd was blowing the roof off Ballroom 20 as each of the Firefly cast members made their way onto the stage...1st Alan.

Captan Tight Pants...Nathan Fillion got the loudest applause and a standing O.

The beautiful and weepy Summer.

 Summer with her on screen brother Sean.

The man they call Jayne...Adam Baldwin!!!!

The entire cast, was super funny and soooo aprechative of their fans...the panel was full of lots of laughter and lots of tears {happy and of gratitude}.

The Firefly panel graciously posed for a long group picture at the end of the panel.

Straight away we headed over to room 6DE for the Defiance panel, which was not up until 6:45pm so we had time to kill, I began to edit photos, which is helping me get to bed early right now, and I took a lil nap in one of the panels prior to Defiance.  Here are the stars of Defiance the TV show Grant Bowler {the hunny modeled his character for the game} and Julie Benz {of Dexter fame}.

Julie and Stephanie Leonidas.

Also of Dexter fame Jamie Murray.

At the end of the panel the hunny introduced himself to Grant, telling him about how he modeled him for Defiance the game and Grant got a kick out of that and so did The Hunny, such a proud wifey moment!  I was so impressed by the show it looked amazing and intriguing and I'm not just saying that because The Hunny works on the game, I'm super excited to see the show and I hope you all check it out when it begins to air in April  15, 2013 on the Syfy network.

Now good night, to sleep in a bit and back to Ballroom 20 for the Futurama/Vampire Diaries panels 2morrow!!!!

What an amazing day @ Comic Con...where dreams come true :)


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