Thursday, September 27, 2012

San Diego Comic Con 2012: Day 3

The day started out GREAT because we got to sleep in till 7am and ended up getting to the Ballroom 20 line around 8:30am...which was VERY VERY long and I was worried we might not get it, but I over heard someone behind me say the day before's line was WAY longer and they ended up getting in.  This gave me some hope!  Once the line began to move around 9:30am, we didn't stopped until we got into the ballroom.  I was THE LAST person to get into the 1st panel of the day.  {they actually stopped me and let my bro and hunny go, but I was like I'm with them!!  and they let me through!}

After we got our seats it was almost 10:30am and I rushed down to the Fringe signing at the WB booth!  Was DYING to see Joshua Jackson {loved him since The Mighty Ducks movies!}  I was as able to get a few pictures till I had to RUN back to the ballroom before my pass expired.  While waiting for the panels we wanted to see, the hunny goes and gets us better and better seats.  I was saving one for him and "they" made me give it up, so I did.  But then @The_Gamer_Geek had to go use the bathroom and they wanted me to give up HIS seat!  I was like he went to the restroom!  They said he had been gone a long time, just at that moment he walked by and I said he's right there!  Seriously people give us a break!  Those restroom lines {especially for us girls} are a nightmare!

The Futurama panel was the first one we were excited to see and the smile did not come of my face the ENTIRE panel!  We got to see 8 mins of one up coming episode where Bender might or might not have ground Fry into sausages for Oktoberfest.  Then the voice actor of Fry {Billy West} did some of the now popular Fry Memes.

Then Matt Groening and one of the other Futurama artists had a drawing contest, Matt drew about 5 in the time limit, while the other drew a nice portrait of Leela sloooooowly and at the end Matt turned to his last page and had a detailed drawing...the crowd voted and crowned the winner too NOT Matt!  

Then Matt was presented with the Comic Con 2012 Icon Award!  That is always one of my most favorite panels.  It is my favorite show of all time and it is so awesome to see the cast do the voices LIVE!  

The Family Guy panel the BEST part was when the entire cast started making the ASL interpreter do dirty words... brought the house down!

I was excited to see ALL my panels this year, but especially The Vampire Diaries since I just did a long marathon of watching all the seasons to catch up and then seeing this years season 3 finale {which was one of THE BEST finales I've seen} and have never being to one before.  They DID NOT disappoint!  I have had a realization this year at the con that the reason I love TV more than movies is that the TV casts are sooooo sweet and appreciative of their fans!  During the fan Q&A Ian Somerhalder really stuck up for the fans when the Ballroom peeps cut the mike on one of the questioners.  He put the smack down on the mic worker by saying the fans can say what they want, ask what they want, how they want!  They were such a sweet and loving cast!  

The last panel of the day, after sitting in the ballroom ALL day, was True Blood!  They showed a teaser trailer of what is up for the rest of the season {it looked awesome!}  They are also a sweet and loving cast...Ryan Kwanten even did a walking handstand for the fans!  In the end there was a standing ovation for Alan Ball who directs his last episode this season.  They even stood for the above group picture for quite a while and stayed after to sign take pictures for fans {which they did at the SDCC in 2009 too}. 

Another AMAZING day!!!!  So sad tomorrow is the last day.  There is a Fringe panel, so I would love to get a picture WITH Joshua Jackson...we shall see {won't hold my breath :)}



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