Thursday, September 27, 2012

San Diego Comic Con 2012: Day 1

We ended up not walking up too early, but I could NOT sleep!  I was too excited!

Our first official SDDC 2012 stop HAD to be the Defiance Cafe to check out all the awesomeness that is my Hunny's game!

In the Defiance chair at the Defiance bar {lots of being a proud wifey this blog post!}.

Eating lunch at the Defiance Cafe.  Me and the Hunny.

The Hunny, @The_Gamer_Geek and Dad.

After lunch, we headed over to NERDHQ where we both got to try out the new Tomb Raider game and looks really good, the Hunny loved it!

Took a quick lil pic in the photo booth {might have to go on the Christmas card this year! :)}

 Shot of the outside of NERD HQ.

LOVED this awesome art work of Capt. my Capt.

We tried out the Nintendo louge at the Marriott and scored a free T.  Last year we went on the last day with the last 20 minutes, so were happy to try out the new Mario Bros. game and Mario Kart 7 without having to rush AND getting Ts that were our size!

Cute lil Hypnotoad toy at the Kidrobot booth that I missed out was sold out :(

One of my SDCC favs Elijah Wood doing his Wilfred signing at the Fox booth. {He was my very 1st crush back in the day!}

The beauty Yvonne Strahovski from Chuck but now on Dexter!

Chillin' out on the Extra WB lawn which was outside the Hilton Bayfront Hotel.  It was a free stage to everyone, even if you didn't have a badge.  With lots of WB stars showing up throughout the day.

We the stars of the new show Arrow {Stephan Amell and Katie Cassidy.} which sounds awesome, can't wait to watch it on The CW this fall!

We initially went to the WB Extra stage to see a Chuck table read with fans taken from the audience, BUT there were a few guest surprises....Mark Christopher Lawrence {Big Mike}.

Mekenna Melvin {Alex, Casey's daughter}.

Adam Baldwin {John Casey}.

 Vik Sahay {Lester of Jeffster}.

AND the one and only Zachary Levi {Chuck}, who ran right past me while we were hanging out at NERDHQ early in the day! :)

My awesome swag of the day was my Dexter bag and pin, my favorite of the con...stuff from the Defiance Cafe, our cute NERD HQ photo booth photos, Mario tee from the Nintendo Booth and a HUGE Wilfred bag (which was found in the Gaslamp).

I have found that I have been either really picky on my swag, or there is a lot less this year than in previous years...after this...I get to sleep for a few hours, then down to get in line for Firefly 10th anniversary panel line...hoping to get GREAT seats for the panel and the Community panel too!

How are you all to hear everyone's SDCC stories! :)


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