Thursday, September 27, 2012

San Diego Comic Con 2010: Preview Night

I'm so very excited that San Diego Comic Con has finally arrived! I have been waiting for it since the last day of last years con. I feel more excited for it this year than last year which was my first year. We headed downtown at 5:30pm and made it to our parking spot in the convention center parking garage around 6:15pm. The traffic downtown was crazy and we kept getting re-routed. I paid for parking passes in the convention center for everyday, and that was the best $50 I have spent! We parked and took one flight of stairs up to the convention center. Getting our passes was quick and painless, even got the boy's without them being there. After we had our passes, we headed over to get our free stuff! Our HUGE WB bags, badge lanyards and comic con magazines. Out of the four WB bags we got, I was HOPING for a Chuck one...I didn't get one, we got 2 Batman and 2 Scooby Doo bags. But oh well, I was just ecstatic to be there at the con!

With our badges on we headed down to the show floor. We headed over to get a Con T, but I got side tracked by the Futurama comic booth. There I bought my #49 and #50 comics and got a free itunes download of the first episode of the new season, SWEET! Now back to the T shirt line we go, got at the end, to find out it wasn't the end and then proceeded to go to the end and the Hunny left me there to go get his Gears of War toy and I found out that I was still not at the end of the line, so scratched that and headed over to the Toynami booth to get my Futurama Nibbler stuffed animal, but couldn't find the end of that line either, so ran over to find the hunny in his line. He was so happy to get his toy then he helped me find the end of my line. Come to find out that Nibbler isn't actually there, he is in China and they will ship it to me. While waiting in that line, I spotted a guy with a Chuck bag folded up like he didn't care, so my hunny being the best Hunny there is asked him to trade w/ us and he did! So that made my night! Thanks random dude!

 That was the last thing we were able to do before we had to head to the train station to pick up the bros and their friend. But their train was running late so we could have stayed at Con later:( It is so over whelming being in the show hall, I kept having to remember to look around and take it all in and remember that i want to look for my celebs! It was hard to take everything in! But so excited for tomorrow 1st things 1st need to get that shirt!

ps pix today where only taken w/ iPhone quickly better ones to come tomorrow!

pps we ate some of my cookie cake and it is amazing!!!


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