Thursday, September 27, 2012

San Diego Comic Con 2010: Day 1

Day one of SDCC was nice and easy! We woke up when we wanted to this morning and took our time getting ready, I even made pancakes and bacon for the boys for breakfast. We left the house at 1030am and arrived a bit after 11am at the convention center, took us a while to get a parking spot today! We arrived and Gage had to go get his passes and we walked the floor till noon, when The Hunny wanted to head to the 38 studios panel (his brother use to work there). We walked around almost the entire floor today, didn't get in depth to it though, just kinda browsed. I found a Serenity booth and bought a graphic novel and a magnet for my car:) I got my comic con T, not the one I wanted but one in my size at least. Did not find the Dexter bags, that is my mission tomorrow! Saw one "celeb" while walking around the floor it was Mike Mizanin from the Real World Back to New York. Didn't get a good picture of him, because it was too fast, the floor was crowded and he had bodyguards with him! LOL

At 4pm we headed up to the Ballroom 20 line to wait for Dexter at 6pm. We got into the ballroom 1/2 through the Showtime Anti Heroes panel, so was able to see David Duchovny as well as Michael C Hall. Both very funny guys! After that was the actual Dexter panel and the hunny went and got us closer seats so we could actually see them instead of just on the screen. They showed a trailer for the next season and it was AWESOME!! Again Michel C. Hall was very funny, him and his wife, Jennifer Carpenter and the actor who plays his father on the show, James Remar sat on the panel along with some of the shows producers. The fan question and answer session went a bit long and in my opinion dumb questions were asked. Like what is gonna happen next season (wait and watch it!) After the panel was over while we headed out of the Ballroom we were handed Dexter pins, so that made my day:) That was the end of our 1st day at Comic Con, we headed home and ate 3 large zPizzas and cookie cake:)


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