Thursday, September 27, 2012

San Diego Comic Con 2010: Day 2

Ok gotta start with my AMAZING news for the day 1st before I can even continue. As we were getting ready to leave for the day, I checked my Twitter (which wasn't working all day!) and Nathan Fillion tweeted that he was at one of the booths signing stuff! First off let me say, 10 mins before, I was planning on going to this same booth bc I wanted to buy something from there, but we were ALL the way at the other side of the convention floor, I was hungry (u all know how i get when i'm hungry!:) and so ready to leave bc we had gotten there early. So as soon as i saw this (he had tweeted it 11 mins prior) I yelled it out and grabbed Gage (the only other REAL Firefly fan) and we flew over there! I ran up to the booth and SAW him:) and then saw the line and ran to it. The hunny and bros followed slowly behind (WITH my camera! I called them franticly to get there ASAP!) They made it! and he was only signing these special Serenity comic books for charity. So my awesome hunny whipped out the $10 bucks for me as Nathan was coming down the line signing everyones comics. The couple behind us in lien said they saw his Tweet and ran all the way from their hotel to get there in time! Needless to say, I was QUITE excited! One of the pictures is of him signing my comic. Glad I had the huny there to take pix, bc i was so excited I couldn't do both!:) So that made my SDCC this year, and we still have TWO days left! Chuck being 2morrow!

Me after I got my comic signed by Nathan:)

Other than that amazing-ness, we walked around the hall all day getting 2 Dexter bags after standing in the same line 4x. Took our picture lifting a car:) Tried to get into the Joss Whedon and True Blood panels but Ballroom 20 but it got closed for the 1st time EVER I think! When we didn't get into that, which we arrived 2 hours early for, I went down to the WB booth to try to get into the True Blood signing. I was and hour early for that and didn't get into that either! So thats when we sat in the lobby and rested for quite a while, getting ready to leave, when the Nathan event happened:) GREAT day and 2morrow will continue in GREATNESS if we can get up close in CHUCK and possibly get his autograph and pic w/ him and Adam Baldwin...we shall see...Con was made today though, anything else is just icing on the cookie cake:)


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