Thursday, September 27, 2012

San Diego Comic Con 2010: Day 3

One of the longest days of my life! We all woke up at 4am! It was still dark outside! We ended up parking very close to the elevator at the convention center, better than yesterday when it took us forever to find a parking spot. We headed up to where the ballroom 20 line begins an NO ONE was there! We were suspicious of this, so two of us stayed in that line, and the others went looking for the possible real line. They ended up finding it and it was already quite long! Some people camped over night! At 715am they let us head inside to the ballroom 20 line. To get to this line we had to go upstairs then outside down to the end of the convention center an then inside back the way we came. As soon as we walked in the door we got a blast of freezing cold air and that continued because the line stopped with us right next to the AC vent. We all froze! We sat in this line till 9am, then they let us into the ballroom.

We ended up getting all of our seats together in the 8th row back from the stage in the near middle. The Chuck panel began promptly at 10am. Beginning with a video telling us that Chucks mom is going to be Linda Hamilton from the Terminator movies. Jeffster then came on with a dance video to Bad Romance by Lady Gaga, introduced by Zach Levi and Joshua Gomez. The video ended and Jeffster came out dancing to the song stated above, as well as the rest of the cast! The cast then started tossing out Ts designed by Zach. Black with Nerd printed on it. Zach, Adam and Joshua were all wearing them. We didn't get one:( But this panel was great! Very fun and made me remember why I love the show so much. Adam Baldwin got huge applause when mentioning Serenity and Capt. Awesome said after 2 years they still have to hear about his old show that has been cancelled a while! LOL 

The hunny got this great shots of Adam after the panel was over.

Next up was Family Guy and The Cleveland Show. Family guy showed clips from the new Star Wars movie they are making, answered questions and Seth/Stewie sang a song live along with a cartoon they showed. Which was quite amazing and funny:) The Cleavland Show did a table read of a comic con episode they are developing for their season finale this year, it was actually quite good and I haven't really watched the show before, made me want to. Next panel was prob my 2nd favorite thing so far this con, FUTURAMA panel!! They showed a special mini episode of comic con in the year 3000 and clips from upcoming episodes, all very funny and like the old stuff, which was awesome! The cast was there this year and they also did a table read and it was AMAZING hearing the voices of Fry, Bender and Leela LIVE, so awesome! We stayed after that for the beginning of the Simpsons panel where they showed a few scenes from the upcoming Treehouse of Horror episode, I laughed:) FINALLY panels were done and we just walked the floor and went to the Marriott's fulfillment room to pick up some swag. While walking there was saw the rooms where Morgan Suprlock is filming the SDCC documentary. By then we were way tired, wore out and hungry! After sitting in the car for about 30 mins we decided to head to In n Out burger for a quick snack before our dinner at China Camp. We decided this around 330, were done eating a bit after 4 and waiting in the China Camp parking lot, to eat again, for about 45 mins! The boys gorged themselves and I was hardly to finish getting some pix up on FB and Shutterfly for tonite and 2morrow the last day of SDCC 2010 ends with the Castle panel, possibly Glee and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia:)


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