Thursday, September 27, 2012

San Diego Comic Con 2010: Day 4

Today, the last day of SDCC. The day before we woke up at 4am, so last night I went to bed at 9pm, woke up today at 7pm. I got a solid and sound sleep and was ready to wake up when I did. The boys on the other hand, not so much. I wanted to be in line for the Castle panel at 8am, 2 1/2 hours before it started and they were slow to get out, not ready for their long day of travel. But we ended up leaving not to much later than I would have liked. They dropped me off at the convention center and the hunny took the boys for breakfast at McDonalds and made it to the train station by 9am their train left at 930am. With the boys safely on their way, the hunny made his way towards me and the Castle line. I had read on Twitter that some people were in line at 5am! I deff could not do that again, and so there was a fair amount of people ahead of me.

But when we finally made it into the room, it was smaller than I thought and there were a LOT of seats. On our way in we were given a Castle aluminum water bottle! We were both happy that we didn't have to go to the fulfillment room again, I heard the line was quite long! The Castle panel began with intro video, of nothing that new, just clips from the previous two season. The cast came out and when it was Nathan's turn, the crowd went crazy! I think that this was the loudest and most camera flashes I have seen in any of the panels I had been in, this year and last! 

The entire cast was very funny! The moderator asked Nathan and Stana to read a passage from his character's book Heat Wave. It was very funny again! They then showed a fake trailer for the movie Heat Wave, which is going to be made into a movie in the 3rd season of Castle. 

Fans question and answers were pretty good and there was even a lil boy about 3 years old dressed like Capt. Mal from Firefly, I died it was sooooooo adorable! Didn't get the best picture of him, bc it was too dark in the room, but he was posing with his gun and smiling at everyone ADORABLE! Before the panel ended they showed a scene from the season premiere of Castle season 3 and it was like OMG!!!! Its back Monday, September 20th. 

Afterwards was the Merlin panel we stayed up until the fan Q&A. I had seen an episode or two of the show, but the hunny was more of a fan than me. They showed a short interview of some of the cast that could not be there and then a blooper real and a teaser for the 3rd season. All great, added the 1st season to my Netflix instant queue. When the fan questions began, we headed down to the floor for one last sweep and to get to Chris Saunders booth so hunny could spend some of his money:) I spent all mine by Friday and then some! By that time I was sooooo tried again and getting hungry so we just headed home. Skipped out on Glee and Sunny. I saw the cast in LA and the hunny went to the Sunny signing last year, we had a long weekend and really just wanted to head home and nap:) I had a GREAT Comic Con and soooooo happy and my life is complete:) Till next year.....


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