Thursday, September 27, 2012

San Diego Comic Con 2009

I don't remember when I first wanted tickets to SDCC.  The hunny is in the industry so we get them for free.  He might have mentioned it to me or I him, since we had just moved to SD.  Along with our two tickets we were able to get two under 18 tickets for my brothers.  They were just along for the ride.  We didn't have any EARLY wake up calls and my parents dropped us off every day.  We were total NOOBs!
day one of our VERY 1st SDCC!!!
our first line for our first panel Twilight :)  Back then we got in line at 8am and still got in the room.
my very first BIG celebrity sighting...had a HUGE fangirl moment when Johnny Depp surprised the crowed at the Alice in Wonderland panel.
I was sooo excited for Twilight
day 2
day 3 
so happy to see Bender in person!
soooo happy to get my very 1st SDCC exclusive and it was Futurama

Use to see Spock, now only see William Bell :)
Alexander Skarsgard from True Blood
We were such NOOBs that we ended up not even going on Sunday or venturing downtown.  Both Sunday and going downtown have become some of my most favorite things about SDCC.  I have learned so much about the con every year.  I really think my most favorite thing is being able to share it with my family.  It is a LOT of bonding time.  And as the hunny has pointed out I get into a SDCC zone, where I only think about me, but I have learned to slow down and take it all in and just enjoy it.  I am so blessed that every year we can have this fun time to spend all together!


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