Thursday, July 20, 2017

6 Ways To Benefit From Alone Time

Ocean Eyes and I have been living together for a 7 months now! WOW I cannot believe it has been that long!

If you read my post about why I'm not at SDCC this year, you know I needed a mental break. If not check it out and come back!

This week I've left for my own little solo vacation. Its not because we are in trouble, but it is because we both need some time to be totally alone. Listen to our thoughts and discover what's next for ourselves and our relationship.

Here are my 6 ways to benefit from alone time. I hope they can help and encourage you to look after yourself.
1. Seclusion. When do you ever get to be completely alone when you are in a relationship? I never knew it was something I enjoyed. I LOVE being with Ocean Eyes and at times I find it difficult to even give him a moments peace when he is around. But being alone reminds me of who I am as an individual and to reflect on why I love the relationship I'm in.
2. Relaxation. Ever work all day long just to get home and crash? Anyone?! That's what happens to me everyday. I get home and all I want to do is sit and sip my wine. With my alone time vacation, I get a full 48 hours to recharge and boy has that made a difference.

3. Better sleep. I love having Ocean Eyes next to me each night. But I know I'm a bed hog! LOL So to give him a better sleep and to sleep without worrying that I'm disrupting him is magic.

4. Pushing yourself. When I realized I didn't want to go to SDCC this year, I knew I had to get away. So I pushed myself to stay on my vacation and to use it wisely. I'm lucky that I have supportive family and friends around me who agreed.
5. Enjoying yourself. I'm catching up on Sherlock, working on my scrapbook, blogging and just enjoying time where I don't have to do a thing.

6. Being excited to get home. When I get home, I'll still have vacation time. I have house stuff I want to do, a wedding video I want to finish and time to hangout with friends. Vacations are nice, but home is where the heart is.
I'm now refreshed and ready to conquer this thing we call life. Are you?!


  1. Isn't it funny how if someone is in a relationship, if they want to do something solo people jump to conclusions? We should ALL have our own thing, and space. It helps us grow as people AND as a couple if you're with someone.

  2. Having alone time when in a relationship is SO important! It's actually why I love that my partner and I have different hobbies (and obviously some that overlap!). But it's nice to just each have space for our own things, and then enjoy our together time too. Enjoy your alone time!

  3. I totally agree. It makes the time you spend together even more important and special. Taking time to enjoy you makes you a better person! xx

  4. I love that you said that B! Everyone needs time alone to think about what they need to feel their very best! xx