Monday, July 17, 2017

Wedding Fashion & FEELZ

Almost a year ago, I attended my very first wedding since my divorce. It was rough.

Two years later, I'm at my second wedding and guess what? I couldn't be happier.

It is Ocean Eye's sister's wedding. We are on a secluded ranch in the Wyoming wilderness, in a cabin over looking a vast field full of horses, mountains in the distance. I couldn't feel more at peace with where I am in my life and who I am with.

The only thing that brought me trouble this wedding was WHAT TO WEAR! I bought EIGHT wedding dresses. And finally found THE one only days before we left. It was tough putting my looks together, but I'm super happy with the more grown up and put together fashion I'm sporting at this point in my life.

First up? We took a tram ride up to the top of the Teton Mountains. There was snow and rocks up there, but it was super warm. On the way down I spotted some friendly horses so we stopped and they posed for my first outfit photo shoot!
My romper, earrings and ring were gifted from Mod Cloth and the romper has POCKETS! It fit perfectly. I am so happy with this outfit can you tell? I love the fit, how it can be dressed up or down and I'm in LOVE with gold jewelry now. Completely different than my life before. And just so you all know, Ocean Eyes is the horse whisperer! These guys were across the field and he called to them and they were delighted to come pose for some pictures. I cannot believe how amazing these shots came out. He is also a great photographer as well!

On our second day we took a float ride down the river. I was extremely nervous for this. I'm not a big "outdoor girl" or in love with the water. I love looking at it and taking it all in, but being on it in a raft where I must wear a life vest. I was intimidated! BUT I was so excited to see my very first bald eagle in the wild! And a mama moose! The float trip was followed by the welcome dinner.
The outfit for that?! A dress from my HUGE purchase from the site Shein. I am so in love with this site. If you are following me on Insta you might know already! I've purchased 6 dresses and two tops and they all fit wonderfully and for it all? I only paid $140! I have a HUGE list of more things to purchase, but for now, here is my dress for our welcome dinner! I LOVE the colors and pockets! You MUST check this site out! The shoes? From ASOS and I love to wear them with EVERYTHING!
Then came the wedding day! Like I said, I bought EIGHT dresses before I found THE ONE. This "Goddess Gown" is from a local Denver store in my neighborhood called Judith and Joe {AMAZING + the owner Brandee is the sweetest ever!} was the one, the moment I put it on. The color, the cut the grown up sexiness. I just knew this is what I was looking for. Add in my new gold jewelry from Mod Cloth and BAM I had my outfit.
The wedding was nothing short of magical. It had Pinterest written all over it {see more photos HERE} and the bride and groom looked at each other in a way you always dream about. I had such a fun time capturing images for them. But my favorite memory had to be this....
The last song begins to play under the tent in a dark field. Twinkle lights warm the scene as Tiny Dancer by Elton John begins to play. Everyone joins in a circle around the dance floor singing their hearts out, holding each other and swaying a long. I grab my camera, not wanting to miss a moment. The chorus hits and everyone floods the middle of the floor continuing the group sing a long. I take shot after shot. Then out of the corner of my eyes Ocean Eyes appears. He comes running up, I drop my camera to the floor, just as he sweeps me into a dance. He apologizes for being late and I don't mind a bit. I couldn't be anymore happier. We finish the song together swaying and looking at each other like the bride and groom did.


❤Cate❤ said...

It looks like such a beautiful wedding and I love all your outfits, you look perfect xoxo

B. said...

I just love your hair! It fits you SO perfectly!

Megan Elvrum said...

Thanks @B. It was touch and go in the beginning, but I think I have a hang of it now and I love it! xx

Megan Elvrum said...

Thank you so much girl! @❤Cate❤ a family wedding is always so much pressure! xx

Kay said...

Ah, that last dress is SO stunning on you! Great pick. Glad you had a fantastic time!

Megan Elvrum said...

Thank you so much @Kay! I'm sooooo in love with it. And so happy I chose something out of my box! xx

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