Friday, April 1, 2022

#100cupsofcoffee // mr. little 🏃🏻

100 Cups Of Coffee is my journey through divorce, dating & self-discovery. 

My single journey began in 2015 when I decided to leave my husband & again when Ocean Eyes broke up with me in May 2020. It all feels like forever ago. The ghosts of a life in transition.

The days since have brought all the self-love. I'm proud of where I am, guided by therapy, and a newfound self-awareness. Boundaries in place, may the odds be ever in my favor. 

I’ve never been someone who swipes on looks or height alone. Do I want to feel a general attraction to that first photo, yes. We all have our preferences. Does the height matter to me? Nope. You heard it here. If you’re confident, I’ll buy what you are selling. 

Mr. Little was just that.

We had two dates that left me wondering. I wasn’t feeling anything. We had a lot of core values that aligned, but on the third date something made me realize, he’s not the one.

The sun was beginning to set as we began to walk around a local park. Right away, I noticed a strange man staring at me. As we turned up the path, so did the stranger. The stranger ended up in front of us walking backwards still staring. 

I asked Mr. Little to stop and mentioned what I had noticed. The stranger found a spot in front of us and we walked by quickly. As we did, the stranger followed behind us across the bridge. At this point, I am on full alert, Mr. Little hasn’t done anything to make me feel safe or secure and I’m about to grab my mase and take care of the situation myself.

Finally the stranger turns away from us and we part ways. I’m so on edge I think of just ending the date. “Well that killed the mood,” Mr. Little states.

I end up staying and we have a very candid conversation, “How do you think spending time together is going?” he asked me. At this point, I was counting the minutes, ready to leave. I was honest and said we had a lot of core values in common, but it seemed to me that he wanted someone to go on extreme adventures together and that was just not me. He agreed and we walked back to our cars together and wished each other the best.

The candid conversation was not my first, but one of very few in person. It was nice to be honest and caring. Hard for sure, but worth it in the end.

Lesson: Candor works.

Soundtrack: Here’s To Moving On

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