Tuesday, February 15, 2022

#100cupsofcoffee // shots of espresso pt. 2 ☕️

100 Cups Of Coffee is my journey through divorce, dating & self-discovery. 

My single journey began in 2015 when I decided to leave my husband & again when Ocean Eyes broke up with me in May 2020. It all feels like forever ago. The ghosts of a life in transition.

The days since have brought all the self-love. I'm proud of where I am, guided by therapy, and a newfound self-awareness, boundaries in place. May the odds be ever in my favor.

Not every cup can be an entire pot. Here are my newest espresso shots from November 2021 to present. ☕️ I've been calling my first date with someone, date 0. Quick 2 hours or less meet and greet. Do we want to see each other again? Yes? Date 1 commence! 
5'4" - I've never cared about height when dating people. He was the shortest person I've been on a date with, but was oh so sweet. I only broke it off with him because of Abercrombie. HUGE a mistake on my part and why moving forward, I'm choosing to continue to date until I am officially in a relationship with someone.
Branded - During this date, he said a few red flag things about weight that I was not a fan of. I watched the clock the entire date.
Déjà vu - Unfortunately, he reminded me of blasé tooooo much. On the date, I noticed another first date who arrived at the same time we did and ended up staying later then we did.
Captain Planet - My first date of 2022, it was short and sweet. Our next was 7 hours. I've started 2022 seeing dates as people and friends first. I didn't let myself feel any attraction towards him. At the end of date 1 I asked if he wanted to kiss me, he did and wow did I feel it! 
French Bluegrass - He made me feel heard and special. I had no doubt that he liked me. It felt like a modern romance spending time with him. On date 2 he finally kisses me. I like that he asked. It ends up not comparing to the friendship we built.
Mark Cohen - A 4 1/2 hour date 0 which is a no, no for me. Too long, gotta keep them short! If I did, I could have avoided a very awkward kiss and a date 1 that had me not wanting to stay 4 hours a second time.
Benny & The Jets - He is cute! But...there's always a but isn't there?! He talked a lot about how he was a bully through high school. He bullied a girl because she was obsessed with horses. I thought back on how I was bullied in elementary school and middle school for how I looked. He felt bad, but so did I.
Lesson: Continue to be self aware, communicate boldly and be my genuine self. Seeing people as friends first is helping me make better decisions as to continue investing in them. Change is good!
Drink more cups here ☕️


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