Monday, January 17, 2022

flying solo // hidden treasure trailhead

I'm done waiting for someone to go places with. Time to get out and fly solo.

Whenever someone suggests a hike to me, I add it to a list in my Google calendar. On the weekends, I take a look and see where I've not been yet. This week it was Maryland Mountain Hidden Treasure Trailhead!

Black Hawk, CO is a short 48 minute from my home in the middle of Denver. I love an hour drive out into the mountains on the weekends. It is the perfect out and back for a morning hike. I left around 9AM and arrived at the trail head right after 10AM (had to stop for gas).

Driving to Black Hawk, you twist and turn and all of the sudden in between two high cliffs are casinos! Past the massive casinos, lives historical and unique buildings. The trail head is only 3/4 past the small town. A large eagle statue welcomes you to the trailhead. I took the Historic Gilpin Tramway.

Only a few minutes into the hike, you are rewarded with an amazing east facing view of the town of Black Hawk. I can only image seeing this at sunrise. On this January morning, the path was mostly snow covered and had a large amount of ice. Taking my time, I slipped only a times but never fell! I hiked out 2 miles and back which took about 90 minutes. It was a steady incline on the way out and a nice easy decline on the way back. I would love to explore the trail further this spring or summer!

As my first hike of the year, I loved being able to be away from the city, away from my screen (except for photos) and reflect on where I've been in the past two years and where I want to go. What I've learned and how I want to apply my boundaries in a way that is beneficial to my continued growth.


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