Tuesday, July 20, 2021

9 year blogging 👩🏻‍💻

In 2012 I was happily married living in San Diego, working part time as a pre-school teacher and nanny. Hoping to soon become a stay at home mom.

Now in 202, living in Denver, I've just started on a new career path in HR. Taking the bus to work, in my new apartment and 3rd one alone. I am one year and two months single, for the first time ever! Trying to eat breakfast before 8AM. I think that is the toughest thing right now. LOL

Never in 2012 did I think that I could be as happy as I am now. Just so truly happy with who I am and where I'm going. Genuinely proud of myself and the path I am on in life. It took a lot of work and so many things contributed to the happiest place on earth, that I am in now:

Working at soona. Creating a life of work I loved with the family to match.

Living alone & creating my safe /  happy space. I LOVE my newest apartment so much. I hope to buy something that can be all my own soon.

Self-awareness / therapy for the past year and a half. Doing the work on me. I never knew how amazing that feeling could be and still is. I'll shout it from the roof tops how much therapy has helped me become the me I am today. A good, all around healthy me! I use Sonder Mind, that goes through your insurance for a low co-pay!

Best friendships. I have the most amazing ladies in my life. They've taught me and supported me through it all. I am so grateful they are always a text, phone call or short drive away!

Finances!! Learning and saving! Thank you again to my best friends for showing me the way here! I'm excited to have opened a Roth IRA, have my 6 month emergency fund in place and 401K on the up and up! If you are interested in learning more, read THIS fun and easy book!

Travel & exploration of places I've never been. Mount Rushmore, Moab, Grand Canyon, Toas, Santa Fe and all the hikes I can get my hands on in Colorado. Getting out into nature and not waiting on anyone to do it with has spoke to my soul. I love getting out of the city on weekends. I love road trips. And I love seeing new things! 

And now... I am working at finding the right type of person. I know I can find them because all of the things above have made me happy with the life I have for myself. Now I'm excited to invite the right person in. See you soon ;)

I finally feel where I am meant to be. I'm so excited to to see what another 9 years will bring.

xx Meg 💖


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