Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Where To Eat At San Diego Comic Con

There are TONS of places to sit and eat in the Gaslamp of San Diego. But where is the BEST place to eat? Here I will give you my favorites places to eat during San Diego Comic Con. I would definitely suggest going to Open Table or calling the restaurant directly to book reservations NOW! After a long day at SDCC the last thing you want to do is wait in ANOTHER line for what you are craving most at that particular moment: food.

The Old Spaghetti Factory: 275 5th Ave

Burger Lounge: 528 5th Ave

Fig Tree Cafe


The Melting Pot

Donut Bar - CUTE Comic Con

In N Out - If you are in California it is a must

Ralph's - Great grab and go options

Tender Green's

Crab Hut


The Broken Yolk

Lolita's Mexican Food

Richard Walker's Pancake House

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*Jason from G+ says Hodads
*Dennis from G+ says Tin Fish 
*Robert from G+ says Bolillo Tortas

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Unknown said...

These sound great! I'll have to try some out. I feel like every time I've been to San Diego I've had amazing food. My favorite places so far have been Hodad's (a little far but totally worth it for amazing burger and shakes) and Cafe 21 right on 5th Ave. The food and service were great and you can eat outside and watch all the people in cosplay walk by!

Unknown said...

LOVE IT! I'll definitely need to try some of these! :D

Unknown said...

The Field is an Irish pub near the convention center. Not too expensive and really great food. I recommend the Guinness beef stew and garlic fries.


Kim have you been to the Hodads in downtown, there is one now, way closer than the one in OB!


NICE thanks Travis let me know what you think! xo


Summer that sounds amazing!!! Might have to get over there! I'm sure The Music Maven would love it! xo

Joie Fatale said...

In N Out is always a must for non CA, AZ, NV peoples too.
Also, San Diego's Mexican food is the best I hear! Even TX has a hard time competing! (Our Carne Asada is the bomb).
For vegan/vegetarian fair, I suggest Loving Hut and Sipz Fusion Cafe! Sipz has vegan sushi, and lots of good food!

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