Sunday, May 26, 2019

Japan Souvenir Round Up

I planned a budget of $300 to spend while in Japan....LOL
That went right out the window once we landed in LA! Snacks, food, souvenirs, gifts...I bought it all. This felt like a once in a lifetime trip, so I had to! Here's the unique items I just couldn't pass up while in Japan!
1. MUGS. As you all know, I am a HUGE coffee fan and mug collector. I have too many to count and while packing up our house I realized that I might have too many...but event then I couldn't part with them. I love being able to drink my favorite drink in the morning while thinking back on the memory of where I got the mug! Added to my collection are: a Sanrio cup with my favorite character Pochacco! A mug from the Starbucks Reserve in Tokyo and a mug from a coffee shop I stalked on Instagram and was soooooo excited to visit!
2. The FAMOUS Kamakura Cookies. I almost passed this up! We passed by so many stores while we traveled through Kamakura and when we passed the last one, I gave in! LOL They were about $8 for 5 cookies and the verdict? Not bad. Not great. LOL Definitely worth a try!
3. Pie Holic bag. Yes, I had to get another bag! LOL I have a trunk full of reusable bags, but what I really loved about this was HUGE and held all of my souvenirs for the trek back home and the logo was imprinted in a way I've not seen often. Very different from anything I currently have! Plus PIE!!!
4. Tokyo DisneySea. As soon as we arrived at DisneySea, we had to get ears! I love dressing the part at Disney and Tokyo DisneySea was no different! I even got the cute little French cat on my Pie Holic bag. Everyone had little guys like that on their backpacks and purses in Japan + I love cats and France!
5. Beatles hat and rings. So I saw this Beatles hat on our first day in Yokohama and I didn't get it. I had non-buyers remorse the entire week! So when we went back on Saturday I snatched it up! I've never seen anything like it! Plus the rings I also bough in Yokohama. I loved that they were made in Japan and gold. I love rings so they were an immediate buy at only $16 each.
6. Pochacco scrunchie! I do not have any scrunchies. But when I saw this one, I just had to get it! It is adorable and I wear it at home lounging around! The 10 year old in me just had to have it! LOL
7. You know I had to get chopsticks from Japan! I never use chopsticks at home. I did a decent job using them while in Japan so when my mom took us to the 100 Yen store, I found the PUR-fect pair...Lucky Cat!
8. Cold Brew Cups. They had the CUTEST cold brew cups at the Starbucks Reserve in Tokyo and since Spencer and I are now HUGE fans of cold brew thanks to my bestie Steph, I just had to get us a pair! Hello Summer fun!
9. ETC. All the flyers, maps, tickets, etc. I collected while in Japan. Not sure what I will do with them all yet, but it is nice to have them!

Whew! What a haul! How much do you allow yourself to spend on vacation? Do you budget or is it a free for all?! Usually I try to budget and then it is a semi-free for all! LOL Thank you so much for following along on my Japan adventure. It was an awesome ride!


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