Monday, May 27, 2019

How to Spend a Rainy Day in Yokahama

Our first day in Japan was rainy. And I don't mean it sprinkled a bit. It POURED and was WINDY! LOL Raining sideways, so windy my umbrella broke. BUT we didn't let that stop us. We only have 6 days here in Japan so there was no time to waste! First stop:

The Marine Walk
     Pie Holic. My mom had found this pie place the other day and I was soooo excited to go there. It was so cute inside, our waitress spoke perfect english and helped us navigate the menu and we were able to all get a savory pie and a sweet pie for around $60ish dollars. Plus no tipping.
     Peanuts Cafe. Another really popular place was the Peanuts Cafe, like Charlie Brown and Snoopy. It was super fancy looking inside and my mom said it is always busy and pricy. So we just popped in to take a look and were on our way.
     Shopping. Throughout the little area was some fun shopping. Right next to Pie Holic was a cute shop we went in looking for another umbrella. But really thought nothing would hold up in this crazy weather so we browsed the San Diego style items.
     WRDSMITH. I was so excited to see WRDSMITH had a piece near here (he was my favorite street artist when I lived in LA). I had sent it to my mom last year and she saw it. We were lucky it was right next to Pie Holic and Spencer was able to take a quick photo of me with our now one working umbrella. LOL

Red Brick Warehouse right across from the Marine Walk.
     LOTS of great shopping and food. Floors upon floors all in a cute industrial brick building on the water. A lot of people come down to the park in the front of the building with picnics, tents and just hang out and relax (when its not pouring). It is a gorgeous spot! We were happy to see the vibrance of it on Saturday!
Cup Noodle Museum (Closed on Tuesdays). This was so much fun. When you get in, make sure you hit up the make your own Cup Noodle right away. It is easier to do that first and then take your time walking around the museum, which is kinda small. I loved the architecture in the building, such a minimal and appealing museum. $3 to make your own Cup Noodle (WORTH IT!) and the Museum was $5.
Landmark Tower ($10 to go to the top and see the entire city). The attendant said that it was cloudy up top so we skipped it on our first day, thinking we'd come back. We were going to go the other two days we were in Yokohama, but buy the end of the trip we were so exhausted! My mom said the view is fabulous and it is the fast elevator ride in the world!
MARK Is Minato Mirai (The Market)
     Out of the two shopping centers we went to this was my favorite. Lots of unique to Japan items. YUMMY sushi go round on the top floor: MegumiSuisan! (named like me! LOL) I loved the open concept of the market and the flower shop was to die for! Great, great stuff here if you are looking for unique Japan finds!
Queen's Square 
      Lots of American retail shops. But I found some great items in one of the shops, some unique made in Japan jewelry so I picked up two rings. My last day there I found a Sanrio store and my 10 year old self was in heaven! Since the Queen's Square had a of American shops (we were able to hit up Shake Shack on our last day too!), I liked Mark Is better!

A rainy day in Yokahama actually turned out really well. It wasn't busy at all. So far we've not seen the craziness that is Japan yet! There was actually so much to do in Yokahama and it is so close to where my parents live that we are going back on Saturday and catch the train to the airport on Sunday.

Some of the fun things we saw when we went back on a GORG Saturday:
The Water Garden Statue - had a great view of the water, amazing flowers and beautiful fountain which I thought looked like a Weeping Angel from one direction! We even saw a Japanese production of Grease, just happen on the street! (Makes sure to check out my Instagram Stories for all of our fun!)
Chinatown - which is the biggest in Asia! It was madness when we went down there, but I'm glad we saw it! It was right down the street from the Water Garden Statue so it worked out nicely on our walking tour!

Wow I cannot believe how much we saw and didn't see JUST in Yokohama! It was a great little sea side city! Felt a lot like home! Any questions about Yokohama leave them in the comments below! I look forward to sharing even more of my Japan adventure in upcoming blog posts! And don't forget to check out my Instagram Stories for even more!


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