Friday, June 1, 2018

Goodbye Mr. Gunther Tootie Man

This was Gunther Tooties' favorite spot. He loved looking out the window. He would sit there for hours on end until we closed up shop at the end of the day. Then he would join Spencer and I in bed for some major cuddle action. Tooties LOVED to cuddle and he had the loudest and happiest purr I’ve ever heard.

This morning we woke up and his breathing was labored. It had been noticeable for a few weeks now, but he was still active, eating, cuddling and loving going outside. He was even beginning to start being friends with our other cat Mona. Just a few nights ago, Spencer had seen them licking each other for the first time!
Monday I really noticed that the breathing wasn’t normal. I had an appointment ready for him the following Monday for a check up and his annual lion cut. But it was this morning that we woke up and knew something was very wrong. The other animals were acting weird when Spencer went down to feed them. He said Tooties and Mona wouldn’t eat breakfast and that Mona was just staring at Tooties. 
He had come up to tell me and I got worried too, thinking back to Monday. I went downstairs to check on Tooties. I opened up the spare bedroom door and Tooties ran in and hid under the bedside table and started crying loudly. I yelled for Spencer to come back down {he was already getting dressed to take Tooties to the emergency room} and Tooties came out of the bedroom drooling and could hardly breath or move. Spencer grabbed his carrier, I helped Tooties in and Spencer was out the door. 

It was only an hour later that Spencer called me at work, to let me know that he had to let Tooties go. His lungs were full of fluid and beside putting him through a week of testing and having to stay at the hospital for a confirmed diagnosis, there wasn’t more to do. By this time Tooties was on oxygen. 
Spencer gave him some last cuddles, kisses and said goodbye to the friend he got as a gift for his Mom 12 years ago. We were lucky enough to have Tooties in our home for a year and a half. I’ll never forget the most soft, cuddly and sweet cat I’ve ever known. I'm just sad I wasn't with Spencer when he had to make that difficult decision.

We are going to get his ashes and spread them in our yard and his mom's. Tooties two homes. We also got a paw print memorial as well.

Goodbyes are never easy. Wether you know they are happening, or not. Those who we love never leave us. I can still feel Tooties cuddling next to me. And my Aunt Sheryl who I lost a few years ago. I know they are gone, but it doesn't really feel that way.

Thank you for being an amazing friend Tooties. 

I love you.


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